October 28, 2011

FBAC newsletter November 2011

Members can get the patrol phone number, email address, and patrol schedule in the PDF newsletter that we send by email.



  • On October 19 there was a mugging on Los Angeles: see details and sketch here
  • On October 15 at 0230a, a female victim was walking in the 1000 block of St. Charles Av when a vehicle stopped near her. A B/M suspect approached her and placed an unknown object in her chest and stated give me everything. The victim threw her property on the ground and the suspect picked it up and fled in a vehicle driven by an unidentified individual. The description of the suspect is a B/M with a dark coat that fled in a dark colored vehicle.
  • On October 9 at 10p, 3 female victims were walking down the 700 block of Virginia Av when a B/M suspect approached them and pointed a silver handgun at them. The suspect demanded all their property. The suspect fled on foot in the area. The suspect is described as a B/M mid to late 20’s with a slim face.

Thefts from autos increased this past month, with most of them taking place in the early to late evening hours. The FBAC hours will be adjusted accordingly. Of a greater concern is the Pedestrian Robberies that are still sporadically occurring in the neighborhood. Please be cautious when you are walking around late at night and mind your surroundings. Please report any suspicious activity or persons that you might observe to the police.

September 17 through October 15 , 2011
The Activity Report is a summary of what our FBAC Patrol officers do on their shifts.

Directed Patrols, 30, Abandoned Auto, 1, Theft of vehicle, 5
Drop Ins/Park and Walks, 27, Theft From Auto, 10, Wanted Person, 0
Suspicious Person, 10, Shots Fired, 0, Intoxicated Person, 1
Alarm Response, 4, Theft, 0, Found Property, 0
Suspicious Vehicle, 3, Lost Person, 0, Criminal Trespass, 1
Parking Complaints, 1, Street Obstruction, 0, Info for Officers, 1
Noise Complaints, 1, Burglary, 0, Calls For Service: Cell Phone, 5
Out Of Town Checks, 22, FBAC Member Contact, 4

FBAC arrested three suspects last month: one for a warrant/one for Disorderly Conduct/one For Criminal Trespass

September 17 through October 15, 2011

Robbery 2
Auto Theft 5
Vehicular Larceny 10

Detailed list:
9/18/2011, 130p-330p, Theft From Auto, Monroe Dr/Kanuga St, Camera
9/20/2011, 9p-6a, Stolen Auto, 6xx Orme Cr, 1999 Ford Taurus
9/23/2011, 10p-11p, Theft From Auto, 10xx Los Angeles Av, Laptop
9/23/2011, 10p-11p, Theft From Auto, 10xx Los Angeles Av, Laptop
9/27/2011, 7p-1030p, Theft From Auto, 10xx Virginia Av, Books/Calculator
9/27/2011, 730p-1030p, Theft From Auto, 10xx Virginia Av, Back Pack
9/26/2011, 1245a, Stolen Auto, 8xx Clemont Dr, 1999 Jeep Cherokee
10/2/2011, 5p-8p, Stolen Auto, 7xx PDL Place, 1997 Honda Accord
10/2/2011, 11p-1030a, Stolen Auto, 8xx PDL Place, 1986 Buick Regal
10/4/2011, 12p-1p, Stolen Auto, 8xx Frederica St, 1968 Ford Mustang
10/4/2011, 7p-930p, Theft From Auto, 9xx Lanier Blvd, Laptop
10/4/2011, 8p-10p, Theft from Auto, 10xx Lanier Blvd, Laptop
10/4/2011, 3p-11p, Theft From Auto, 10xx Maryland Av, Book Bag
10/7/2011, 12a-6a, Theft From Auto, 10xx Adair Av, Quarters/Sunglasses
10/9/2011, 10p-1005p, Robbery, 7xx Virginia Av, Cell Phones/Cash/Credit Cards
10/11/2011, 8p-10p, Theft From Auto, 10xx Los Angeles Av, Laptop
10/15/2011, 0230a-0245a, Robbery, 10xx St. Charles Av, Cell Phone/Camera/Keys