September 29, 2012

Important developments in FBAC


New way of showing patrol hours on monthly calendar
As many of you know we have patrols that cover the North and South zones. But either patrol will respond to a member calling from either zone. For that reason, on the monthly schedule, we are now simply showing the hours when there is a patrol in Virginia-Highland, period. In other words, we show all the times when an officer is available to take your call. As you can see, with the combined coverage, there is at least one shift on call every night, 7 nights out of 7. Sometimes we have double coverage (two officers).

Nancy Safay replaces Beth Marks on the FBAC volunteer team
After more than 20 years of running FBAC, Beth Marks is passing the torch to Nancy Safay ( Nancy lives on Cooledge, and is a long-time Virginia-Highland neighbor and FBAC member. Nancy will be handling all the financial and accounting aspects of FBAC.

Membership/payment questions? Ask Nancy,
Brian Gross will remain on board as a volunteer focusing on membership and communications.

John Wolfinger
John Wolfinger will also be joining the FBAC volunteer team. John has for years tracked and advised residents about area crime and been involved with the various police, government and community organizations. John will be FBAC's key liaison with these groups and help steer us towards the best plans of action.

New address for checks
For those of you who pay by check we now have a PO Box. We ask that you please mail checks to FBAC, P.O. Box 8032, Atlanta, GA 31106. Please note the special zip code.

Message from Beth Marks
To all members, thank you so much for supporting my efforts for the last twenty one years. As I always tell neighbors they need to pat everyone on the back who has an FBAC sign in their yard as each and every one of you make this neighborhood a safer place. I want to thank Nancy for stepping up to the plate and taking over my position. I am forever grateful since I know FBAC is so important. And to Brian Gross, what can I say, you have been a rock for FBAC in the last several years and I appreciate all you have done to make FBAC even better and bigger. And to John, I look forward to seeing your energy grow FBAC. This is a good team!

Thank you,
Beth Marks