October 12, 1999

Coverage map

The map above shows the coverage area for FBAC. (Click to enlarge)
  • Briarcliff Road and Ponce de Leon Avenue are not included in the patrol areas, except the Carlton on Ponce condominium complex. 
  • Rosedale Road - the part in unincorporated DeKalb County (house numbers higher than 1036) is not included as we cannot patrol it - our officers are Atlanta City and cannot patrol unincorporated DeKalb County.

As of October 2012, the zones (north and south) largely don't matter anymore to members. They are used internally by the patrol officers — any given patrol shift will concentrate on one zone or the other, but again, this will not matter to members. If a member calls from anywhere in Virginia-Highland and there is an officer patrolling the north or south zone at that time, then the officer will respond to that member.

List of streets in the FBAC southern zone:
  • Arlington Pl.
  • Barnett St. (south of Drewry)
  • Bonaventure Ave.
  • Briarcliff Ct.
  • Briarcliff Pl.
  • Frederica St.
  • Greenwood Ave.
  • Hudson Dr.
  • Lanier Blvd. (Virginia to N. Highland)
  • N. Highland Ave. (south of Drewry)
  • North Virginia Ave. (Hudson to Virginia)
  • Ponce de Leon Pl. (south of Drewry)
  • Rosedale Dr.
  • Rosedale Rd. (City of Atlanta #1036 and lower only)
  • St. Augustine
  • St. Charles Avenue and Place
  • St. Louis Pl.
  • Virginia Ave. (SE of Hudson/N. Virginia)
Map of north and south zones