October 29, 2012

FBAC News - November 2012

Crime down versus August, September
We are pleased to report that the overall crime trends are down again after spiking the last few months. In the period from 9/23 to 10/20 we had 15 total crimes (see Officer Clark's report below for details). This is only slightly above the average of 14 crimes per month, and down from 22 the previous period and 19 the period before that. For full historic crime statistics please go to the website fbacvahi.com and select "Historic Crime Statistics" or click on this direct link: http://www.fbacvahi.com/2012/09/historic-crime-statistics.html

Pilot program - marked patrols
FBAC is experimenting with a pilot program of marked patrols. Selected patrols will be in cars with magnetic signs attached identifying the vehicles as FBAC patrols. We will be evaluating feedback with our officers in November and December. We'd like to know what you think too - please email Nancy any feedback or if you spot a marked patrol.

September 23, 2012 through October 20, 2012

Total crimes: 15
Assault: 0
Auto Theft: 3 
Commercial Burglary: 1
General Larceny: 2
Homicide: 0
Rape: 0
Residential Burglary: 1
Robbery: 2
Vehicular Related Larceny: 6

Incident details
9/25/12, 640a, Robbery, 76x Drewry St, Key 
9/26/12, 11p-12p, Stolen Auto, 100x N. Highland View, Chrysler Van
9/26/12, 11p-12p, Stolen Auto (Attempt), 100x N. Highland View, Dodge Van
9/28/12, 12a-906a, Theft Fr Auto, 128x Monroe Dr, Misc Papers, 
9/29/12, 4p-430p, Larceny, 55x Park Dr, Lawn Equipment
10/1/12, 5p-?, Larceny, 100x St. Charles Av, Lawn Mower/Bicycle
10/4/12, 7p-6a, Stolen Auto, 123x Virginia Av, Honda CRV
10/5/12, 1230a-1250a, Robbery, 957 N. Highland Av, Purse/Iphone
10/6/12, 10a-4p, Burglary (Apt), 95x Greenwood Av, Cash Stolen
10/6/12, 6p-8a, Theft Fr Auto, 112x Hudson Dr, Sunglasses
10/11/12, 630p-8a, Theft Fr Auto, 124x Virginia Av, Misc items
10/13/12, 630a-630p, Stolen Auto, 86x Virginia Av, Ford Escape
10/15/12, 630p-6a, Comm. Burglary, 105x St. Charles Av, Cash
10/15/12, 4p-1130p, Theft Fr Auto, 119x N. Highland Av, IPod
10/16/12, 12a-3a, Theft Fr Auto,  98x Greenwood Av, Stereo
10/17/12, 915p-12a, Theft Fr Auto, 104x N. Highland Av, Back Pack

September 23, 2012 through October 20, 2012

The Activity Report is a summary of what our FBAC Patrol officers do on their shifts.

Directed Patrols: 19
Lost Person: 0
Drop Ins/Park and Walks: 21
Street Obstruction: 0
Suspicious Person: 5 
Alarm Response: 7
Wanted Persons: 0
Suspicious Vehicle: 9
Intoxicated Persons: 0
Parking Complaints: 5
Found Property: 0
Noise Complaints: 0
Criminal Trespass: 3
Out of Town Checks: 11
Info for Officers: 4
Abandoned Auto: 0
Shots Fired:  0
FBAC Member Contact: 5
Calls for Service (Cell Phone): 3

FBAC Patrol - News and Notes from Officer Clark
A robbery occurred at 957 N. Highland Av. Please read the Officer's Narrative for details of the incident. The second robbery was reported on last month’s report. (Drewry St)

As we approach Thanksgiving this month, members please your out of town patrol requests so that the FBAC officers can increase patrols and check your residence. Refer to the monthly schedule for the email address.

FBAC Officers made three arrests last month. Two arrests were for criminal trespass and the other arrest was for urinating in public. 

Once again we are getting reports that residents are allowing their animals/dogs run without leashes in Orme Park and John Howell Park.  This is against city ordinance and you could be cited.  If you would like your dog to be off-leash please take them to the Piedmont Park Dog Park.

Robbery Report from Officer's Narrative (957 N. Highland Ave.)

On 10/05/2012 at 12:45am, I, (Officer K. Cooper), unit 1601, was dispatched to 957 N. Highland Ave NE, with regard to "snatch thieves".

As I arrived on scene, victim Ms. ___________ stated that she and her roommate were walking home from a bar located in the N. Highland Ave. area when she was attacked by two black females, 5'07 to 5'09 in height, in their early twenties, stocky build, wearing black and red hoodies.  

Ms. ______ stated that the two females pulled her into the middle of the street and physically assaulted her, and then they took her black purse.  Ms. _____ stated that once the two females took her purse they ran south down “Adair Ave”.*  Ms. _____stated that she had a few items inside her purse that were stolen, which include her $700 black Apple iPhone 4, $150 brown and gold Coach wallet, Bank of America Visa card, GA driver's license, and her $75 black purse.

*Note from FBAC: this is directly from the Officer's report. We know that Adair is an east-west street.