December 2, 2012

FBAC News December 2012

Virginia-Highland, October 21, 2012 through November 24, 2012


  • Assault: 0
  • Auto Theft: 0
  • Commercial Burglary: 0
  • General Larceny: 2
  • Homicide: 0
  • Rape: 0
  • Residential Burglary: 0
  • Robbery: 2
  • Vehicular Related Larceny: 10

Incident details:
  1. 10/25/12, 1p-8a, Larceny, 68x Greenwood Av, Bicycle
  2. 10/29/12, 754p-954p, Theft Fr Auto, 119x N. Highland Av, Text Books
  3. 10/29/12, 8p-1200a, Theft Fr Auto, 119x N. Highland Av , Laptop
  4. 11/1/12, 1208a-1a, Theft Fr Auto, 88x N. Highland Av, Handbag
  5. 11/5/12, 8p-952p, Theft Fr Auto, 83x N. Highland Av, Laptop
  6. 11/6/12, 11a-324p, Theft Fr Auto, 100x Greenwood Av, GPS
  7. 11/6/12, 1240a-1246a, Theft Fr Auto, 83x St. Charles Av, Package
  8. 11/10/12, 1p-330p, Theft Fr Auto, 102x Amsterdam Av, Laptops
  9. 11/10/12, 1030p-8a, Theft Fr Auto, 79x N. Highland Av, Laptop
  10. 11/11/12, 11a-7p, Theft Fr Auto, 104x N. Highland Av, Laptop
  11. 11/15/12, 530p-610p, Robbery, 67x Greenwood Av, Cell Phone
  12. 11/19/12, 12a-1210a, Robbery, 110x N. Highland Av, Cell Phones/Cash
  13. 11/19/12, 110p-115p, Larceny, 75x Drewry St, Packages
  14. 11/22/12, 12a-1a, Theft Fr Auto, 94x Rupley Dr, Tag Stolen

October 21, 2012 through November 24, 2012
The Activity Report is a summary of what our FBAC Patrol officers do on their shifts.

  • Abandoned Auto: 0
  • Alarm Response: 9
  • Calls for Service (Cell Phone): 5
  • Criminal Trespass: 1
  • Directed Patrols: 26
  • Drop Ins/Park and Walks: 17
  • FBAC Member Contact: 4
  • Found Property: 0
  • Info for Officers: 4
  • Intoxicated Persons: 0
  • Lost Person: 0
  • Noise Complaints: 3
  • Out of Town Checks: 18
  • Parking Complaints: 1
  • Shots Fired: 0
  • Street Obstruction: 0
  • Suspicious Person: 10
  • Suspicious Vehicle: 2
  • Wanted Persons: 1


Two robberies occurred within last month’s reporting period both involving the theft of cell phones. An additional Robbery occurred last night. All the Robberies are similar and the suspect description is similar as well. Please use caution and mind your surroundings when you’re out and about. Report anyone you feel is suspicious to the Police immediately. Zone 6 is aware of the increase and will be increasing patrols throughout the Virginia Highland Area.

As we approach Christmas and New Years this month, please get in out of town patrol requests so that the FBAC Officers can increase patrols and check your residence. Please email your out of town patrol requests - members will find the email address in the monthly schedule emailed to them.

Theft from autos was up in this reporting period with laptops being the item of choice stolen from the vehicle. Please remove all items of value from your vehicles and spread the word to your friends and neighbors.

The Holiday season all ways brings us an increase in Crime. Please do not leave packages in your vehicles and mind your surroundings when you’re out and about. Also try to schedule Fed X and UPS Packages at a time you are home. If you cannot be home have the package delivered to a neighbor or friend that will be home to secure the package. Or have them delivered to a participating neighborhood merchant (see information). Criminals thrive on individuals not paying attention to whom or what is around them. Report anyone or anything suspicious to the Police.

FBAC Officers arrested three individuals last month. Two on City related charges of Drunk and Disorderly and the other was a subject wanted out of North Georgia for a theft related charge.

Robbery Report from Officer's Narrative/67x Greenwood Av:

On 11-15-2012 I responded to a pedestrian robbery call located at 67x Greenwood Avenue at 6:15pm. The victim stated that she was walking away from the BeltLine on Greenwood Avenue with her dog when the suspect approached her from behind. Victim stated the male pointed a silver pistol towards her and then demanded Victim to give him her phone. Victim mentioned the suspect said "all I want is your phone". After giving the suspect her phone, Victim stated the male walked towards Ponce de Leon place until she could not see him anymore. Victim stated the male looked young, approximately 14-16 years of age, and wore a black jacket with blue denim jeans. Victim stated should would be able to recognize the suspect if she sees him again. Victim advised that she was not injured during the incident. I notified zone 6 supervisors (3691) and (3696). Zone 6 CID (5634) arrived on scene and spoke to Victim as well. Victim advised that she does not have a tracking system on her phone. After placing a lookout on zone 6 radio, I notified Victim of the case number.

Robbery Report from Officer's Narrative/110x N. Highland Av:

On November 19, 2012 a the victim came into the Zone 6 Precinct along with her mother and grandmother to report that she was robbed at gun point last night around 12:00 AM at 110x North Highland Ave. She stated that 911 was called last night but no one ever responded. The victim stated that her and her friend the other victim a Ms. _______ was walking from Pozole last night to their vehicle. As they were walking through the parking lot that is across from San Francisco Coffee at the corner of Amsterdam Ave and North Highland. The victim stated a black male that was walking behind them confronted them in the parking lot with a gun. The victim gave the description of the suspect as a Black male about 5'8 in height and he had a hoodies on with a bandana that covered the lower part of his face. She stated that all he said was give me everything in your pockets. Ms. Bowen stated that they both gave him their cell phones and the victim gave him the $30.00 she had in her pockets. After the unknown suspect had those items he walked a few feet away and came back and just stared at them for a moment and then finally left after that. The victim stated that they got in her vehicle and drove down to 752 North Highland Ave to a restaurant called Hand and Hand. That's when a friend of her that worked there called the police for them. There were no injuries from the incident. The victim was given a case number and there is nothing further at this time.

Robbery Report from Officers Narrative/92x Virginia Av: 11/27/12

I was dispatched to 92x Virginia Ave., on a robbery call. Upon arrival I spoke with, (victim) who stated he parked his car on Maryland Ave., on the side of his house. As he began to walk towards his house, a young black male approached him and asked the victim if he had seen a loose dog in the area, at the same time the suspect was pulling out a dark colored pistol, possibly a .380 cal. The suspect was trying to have victim walk to the back of his driveway where it is out of sight and much darker. At this point victim gave the suspect the cash he had on him which was twenty dollars. The suspect then fled in an unknown vehicle which was parked on Maryland Ave. The suspect was described as a black male, approximately twenty years old, wearing blue jeans, and a gray hooded sweatshirt. There are no cameras in the area and a canvass of the area was conducted and there were no neighbors who saw anything suspicious. Inv. Gurley responded to the scene and Sgt. Claxton was advised. No injuries were reported.