March 1, 2013

FBAC News March 2013

January 20, 2013 through February 16, 2013

Part One Crimes:

Assault: 0

Auto Theft: 4

Commercial Burglary: 1

General Larceny: 0

Homicide: 0

Rape: 0

Residential Burglary: 8

Robbery: 1

Vehicular Related Larceny: 3

1/20/13 12a-8a Comm Burglary 1021 Virginia Av Cash

1/23/13 8p-930a Auto Theft 744 Barnett St Honda Civic

1/29/13 12a Pedestrian Robbery 1012 Todd Road Cash

1/31/13 730p-1245p Auto Theft 789 Frederica St Honda Civic

2/1/13 11p-8a Auto Theft 1046 Belllevue Dr Olds Cutlass

2/3/13 2a-8a Burglary 747 Barnett St Bicycle

2/4/13 530p-7p Theft Fr Auto 1186 N. Highland Av Laptop/Backpack/Wallet

2/4/13 7p-830a Theft Fr Auto 980 Greenwood Av Catalytic Converter

2/6/13 12a-6a Burglary 983 St Charles Av GPS

2/8/13 11a-1115a Theft Fr Auto 746 PDl Terr Chev Truck

2/8/13 5p-630p Burglary 807 Highland Green Way Cameras/Ipad

2/8/13 5p-1030p Burglary 805 PDL Terr Laptop/Scooter

2/19/13 7p-10p Auto Theft 915 N. Highland Av Chev Truck

2/13/13 7p-711p Burglary 805 PDL Place Jewelry

2/15/13 730p-1030p Burglary 684 Cooledge Av Jewelry/Laptop/Watch

2/15/13 818p-825p Burglary 710 Virginia Av Damage

2/15/13 330p-1130p Burglary 690 Virginia Av Rear Fence Damage


January 20, 2013 through February 16, 2013

The Activity Report is a summary of what our FBAC Patrol officers do on their shifts.

Directed Patrols: 19 Lost Person: 0

Drop Ins/Park and Walks: 22 Street Obstruction: 0

Suspicious Person: 9

Alarm Response: 11 Wanted Persons: 1

Suspicious Vehicle: 2 Intoxicated Persons: 1

Parking Complaints: 2 Found Property: 0

Noise Complaints: 1 Criminal Trespass: 1

Out of Town Checks: 16 Info for Officers: 5

Abandoned Auto: 2 Shots Fired: 0

FBAC Member Contact: 4 Calls for Service (Cell Phone): 5

News and Notes

Narrative: Pedestrian Robbery 1012 Todd Road -Victim stated that he had just finished withdrawing money from the ATM and was walking north towards Virginia Ave when he heard footsteps from behind him. The victim then stated that he felt a hard object against his back, and that the suspect said: "Give me that shit, mother fucker!" The victim advised that he then glanced over his shoulder and saw that the suspect: was a young black male, approximately 5'6" in height, wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt. The victim also stated that he saw that the suspect was holding a silver handgun. The victim advised that he then ran away from the suspect towards Virginia Ave NE, and after going a short distance, he turned around and saw the suspect running south along Todd Rd NE towards a parked white vehicle near the intersection of Todd Rd and Virginia Cir.

We are currently experiencing a heavy spike of Residential Burglaries. Thanks to some of the neighbors in the area we have video of a subject of interest. FBAC and the Zone Six Police are working hard to get this situation under control. I have provided a link to look at the photos of an individual that the Police want to speak with. If you see this subject, do not confront him, just call 911 and let the police officer handle the situation. If you recognize this subject, please email Detective J. Summers at

The link is as follows:

FBAC Officers arrested three individuals last month. One of the suspects was wanted and is being investigated for crimes related to Theft From Auto’s. It is of interest that the Theft From Auto’s went down after this subjects arrest in the Virginia Highland area. Another subject was arrested for Drinking related charges and the final subject was arrested for Criminal Trespass.

Keep your eyes and ears open and report all suspicious persons and activity to the Police.