April 14, 2015

Virginia Highland Meeting with APD Command Staff - See Videos

At the Virginia Highland Civic Association meeting last night (April 13, 2015) Alex Wan, City Councilman for District 6, arranged to have several members of APD command staff in attendance The purpose of their attendance was to talk about recent crime in Virginia Highland and to answer resident's questions.

In attendance in addition to Alex Wan (seated far right) were
  • Assistant Chief, Shawn L. Jones (not pictured)
  • Deputy Chief Joseph Spillane, Field Operations Division (front row 2nd from left)
  • Deputy Chief Rodney Bryant, Community Service Division,  (front row 3rd from left)
  • Major Timothy D. Peek,Commander Zone Six (not pictured)
  • Captain Bennie McGee, Assistant Commander Zone Six (next to Alex Wan)
  • Sergeant Lamar Hester, Community Liaison (front row far left)
John Becker, VHCA Board Member has provided the video (part 1 and part 2) of the meeting for those who were unable to attend.

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