June 17, 2015

VaHi Safety Team Report weeks 22 and 23 (5/24 – 6/6/2015)

Changing of the Guard

As all of you know John Wolfinger has been a significant contributor to the neighborhood for many years. He was one of the early pioneers who helped to bring Virginia-Highland back to the vibrant neighborhood we all enjoy today. In those early days he opened a business on St. Charles Avenue, and bought a home on Vance, before most of us would have considered such a thing.

Since his retirement he has dedicated the majority of his time to volunteer efforts including serving on the Virginia Highland Civic Association board and the Keep Atlanta Beautiful Board, establishing the most admired neighborhood watch program in the city, writing and distribution his public safety reports, building relationships with every business in the neighborhood, and helping to manage our Virginia Highland Security Patrol (FBAC) to name just a few of his projects.

In addition John attends more meetings from nearby neighborhoods and for citywide initiatives than most of us could ever hope to cram onto our calendars. While I don’t expect John to ever fully retire, he has asked for someone else to put together these bi-weekly reports, and I have agreed. We are working on getting John’s extensive email distribution list transferred to me, but in the meantime, John may still distribute a few of the reports.

I certainly don’t have the far reaching contacts that John has and doubt I will ever live up to the standard he has set, but in this small corner of public safety for Virginia-Highland, I will do my best. Please do take a moment to send John a message of thanks, or to shake his hand next time you see him around the ‘hood. And if there is anything I can do please don’t hesitate to contact me at VaHiSafety@gmail.com

Vortex Murder Arrests

Though not in our Beat 601, many of us were disturbed to hear about the double murder outside the Vortex restaurant in Little Five Points earlier this year. This week Atlanta Police Department announced the arrest of four individuals in connection with those murders. The ages of the suspects range from 14 to 26. Thanks to Investigator C. Thomas for closing this case. Read more in the APD Facebook Announcement here https://www.facebook.com/AtlantaPoliceDpt/posts/988391687838360 or this WSBTV story http://www.wsbtv.com/news/news/local/arrests-made-double-homicide-outside-vortex/nmY33/

Crime Stats

The following information is taken from our APD Zone 6 report (http://atlantapd.org/Zone6.aspx).
It includes information from the Virginia-Highland Beat 601 reported incidents along with relevant reports from other nearby beats. Keep in mind that not all incidents are reported. A map showing the location of beats 601 – 612 within Zone 6 can be found at this link http://boundaries.atlantapd.org/Map-Zone6-Beats.aspxThis information is not shared to scare anyone, but to let you know what happens around us every day so you can be alert and aware.

Homicide None reported in Beat 601 or Zone 6

Rape None reported in Beat 601 or Zone 6

Residential Robbery None reported in Beat 601 or Zone 6

Pedestrian Robbery None reported in Beat 601. Elsewhere in the zone there were six pedestrian robberies, and one carjacking.

Commercial Robbery None reported in Beat 601, but there were three bank robberies in the Zone – two in Edgewood (Beat 609) and one in Benteen Park (Beat 607).

Aggravated Assault None reported for Beat 601. Elsewhere in the zone there were 11 assaults including a panhandler who pulled a knife on the manager of the CVS at Piedmont and North (Beat 603) when the manager told him had had to leave. There were no injuries and the panhandler was arrested.

Commercial Burglary None reported in Beat 601. Elsewhere in the zone there were two burglaries – one at Phonemax in Little Five Points, and one at American Deli in Grant Park.

Residential Burglary None reported in Beat 601. Elsewhere in the zone there were 34 residential burglaries. Entry was made by unlocked doors, doors being pried open or kicked in, glass doors broken with a brick, locks being drilled, an unlocked window, and a broken window. In only one case is there a report of a home alarm system being present.

Larceny From Vehicle Per usual, this is our real problem area in Beat 601. During the period we experienced eight auto break-ins. All around the zone there were fifty six. Ours occurred on Ponce de Leon, Virginia, N. Highland, and Los Angles. Thieves made off with the usual haul of handbags, laptops, IPads, printers, chargers, paperwork, and another loaded handgun. In all but one case a car window was broken to gain entry. Of the eight, five break-ins were in parking lots (Chow baby -2, Inman M. S., Atkin’s Park/Surin, YWCA). All around the zone there were 56 larceny for vehicle incidents during this two week period.

Other Larcenies Two reported in Beat 601. At Moe’s and Joe’s wait staff had their IPhones stolen off the counter while they served customers. Also, a package containing a license plate was stolen from a front porch on Virginia. Elsewhere in the zone there were 31 additional larcenies including shoplifting at the Publix on Ponce and several other stores in the Edgewood shopping area, and the theft of five bicycles.

Auto Theft one reported in Beat 601. A 1996 red Toyota was stolen from Lanier Blvd on Saturday evening 6/1/15. Throughout the zone there were 31 vehicles stolen during the two week period.

Stay Safe!

Kay Stephenson

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