October 9, 2015

CourtWatch Update - October 2015

A message from Danielle Simpson... 

Good morning Zone 6,

I have just a few updates for you.

Street Captains Meeting – I spoke at the street captains meeting on Saturday, September 19th. I must say I am very impressed and happy that Zone 6 has such dedicated community members who are looking out for the rest of the community. I have always said Zone 6 is my most dedicated and active community when it comes to crime prevention and safety.

Update: Defendant Candarius Nalls – Several Zone 6 community members informed our office about Defendant Nalls and his criminal history in Zone 6. He has a history of Burglary and Entering Auto. Defendant Nalls was re-arrested on July 28, 2015 for Burglary and Burglary in the First Degree in Zone 2. Zone 2 Community Prosecutor, Elizabeth Morrow, has taken over the case. I will make sure to invite the Zone 6 community as well as Zone 2 during his hearings.

Update: Defendant Tyrell Alexander – Defendant Alexander was my first CourtWatch case back in April 2015. He was charged with Entering Auto. Zone 6 Community Prosecutor Keith Lamar prosecuted the case and asked the Judge for eighteen (18) months, Defendant Alexander received five (5) months and was then released. He has reoffended and allegedly committed two different burglaries at the 400 block of Arnold Street NE and 300 block of Highland Avenue. He is charged with two (2) counts of Burglary, Theft by Taking, Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon and more. We will be CourtWatching this case; his previous CourtWatch notice is attached.

Update: Defendant Anthony Davis – Keith prosecuted Davis’ Entering Auto case. The Judge sentenced him to ten (10) years of probation. He was going to be revoked some of the nine (9) years he had left on probation for previous offenses. While waiting for that hearing date and out on Bond, Defendant Davis reoffended. Davis is charged with Criminal Attempt to Commit Burglary, Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon and more. This incident occurred on the 900 block of Memorial Drive SE. We will be CourtWatching this case and his previous CourtWatch notice is attached.

Update: Defendant Sebastian Fontana – ADA Cara Convery from the Trial Division provided me this information to share with the community. Defendant Fontana was convicted of Hijacking a Motor Vehicle and Aggravated Assault with a deadly weapon. The crime occurred on the 900 block of Blue Ridge Ave. Defendant Fontana received ten (10) years in custody and has been banned from Georgia. We greatly appreciate ADA Convery's commitment to the community and to prosecuting these offenses.

Update: Defendant Alonzo Raymond – Defendant Raymond was arrested in April 2015 for breaking into Azio Pizza & Pasta on the 700 block on Moreland AvenueRaymond was arrested and charged with Burglary and Second-Degree Criminal Property Damage and subsequently released in May 2015. Defendant Raymond reoffended in September for burglarizing the exact same location in the community upon his release.

I look forward to informing you of hearings that occur for the individuals listed above. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Danielle L. Simpson, JD
CourtWatch Coordinator
Community Prosecution Division
The Office of the Fulton County District Attorney


136 Pryor Street, Third Floor
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Cell: 678-638-9263
Office: 404-613-8406

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