January 7, 2016

Alert: Atlanta Police Department and Virginia Highland Security Patrol (FBAC) Work Together to Address Wheel Theft and Smash & Grab Crimes

A few members who have been affected by recent smash & grab or auto wheel thefts have reached out to ask if the schedule for FBAC patrol schedules can be changed to ensure coverage during times when it is perceived that these crimes are more likely. Others have requested extra coverage on their street.
These requests were discussed with Sgt. William (Chris) Clark who manages the patrol and also serves with the Atlanta Police Department. He shared the following points:
  • It's quite difficult to change the schedule as our patrol officers have their regular APD shifts that they have to work around each month. The schedule is put out in advance so they can accommodate the adjustments.
  • The APD beat 601 officers are aware of what's going on in this area. This is also true for the plain clothes officers that work in zone 6. FBAC is coordinating with them to assist in the efforts to increase patrols in the area.
  • APD and FBAC are being diligent in trying to apprehend these folks and stop the crimes.  These criminals can strip tires from a vehicle in minutes so it is difficult to catch them in the act. The same is true with the smash and grab robberies. Video surveillance shows that it takes just a few minutes to get in, grab up merchandise and get out. Therefore APD is are working on forming leads to catch the individuals.
FBAC requests that residents report any suspicious activities that they see. There are some who hesitate to call 911 even when they think there is something not right. However, non-emergency suspicious person or vehicle calls have been directly responsible for the apprehension of criminals. Please don’t hesitate to call.
Communications from FBAC are also available on the website at http://www.fbacvahi.com/ and on our Facebook page (Fight Back Against Crime (FBAC) Virginia Highland). Please “Like” us and add the website feed to your newsreader!

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