October 29, 2016

VaHi Safety Team Report Weeks 40 and 41 (9/25/16 – 10/8/16)

News and Notes

Reports of Vandalism related to Upcoming Election

There have been a few of reports on Nextdoor about vandalism of property related to the upcoming presidential election. In one case a suspect was detained by a homeowner until on duty police and FBAC patrol arrived. In this case a swastika was spray painted on a yard sign. Other reports have included spray painting messages on sidewalks and scratching a swastika on a vehicle with a political bumper sticker. Some of these incidents occurred within Virginia-Highland and others farther way. It is unclear if any of the incidents are connected.

In this political season, emotions are running high both for and against the candidates. However, that is never justification for acts of vandalism. If you are a victim or of witness to such activity, please call 911 immediately. Victims are not obligated to press charges, but at a minimum, police should be aware that additional incidents have taken place.

Ring Video Doorbell Discount

We have all seen the reports from neighbors on Nextdoor about the Ring Video Doorbell which connects with your cell phone and allows you to see, record, and respond to people at your front door.

While this should not be considered an endorsement of the product, one of our neighborhood watch street captains has secured a discount code for anyone interested in purchasing a Ring product through the end of the year. Full information about all products is available on the website. Just go to ring.com/p/7adairne. and you will receive a $25.00 discount on the purchase of the Ring Video Doorbell, Ring Pro, or Stick Up Cam. At checkout, type 7adairne (all lower case) into the promo code box.

Chris Loos is an account manager for Ring. You can reach him at cloos@ring.com. He would be happy to speak with anyone who wants to promote this safety tool through their neighborhood or organization or to answer questions about the products.

Undy Run This Saturday (October 29th) 9AM start from John Howell Park

There will be a 5K and 1 Mile Walk / Run at and around John Howell Park and Virginia-Highland Saturday morning, Oct 29th. The Undy Run Walk Series, is put on by the Colon Cancer Alliance. There will be no hard street closures for the Undy Run, only soft lane closures as the participants progress. You can find a route map at the link. http://support.ccalliance.org/site/TR?fr... 

There is also a large walk / run occurring near Piedmont Park put on by the American Cancer Society at the same time. Plan your morning accordingly.
National Criminal Justice Reference Service

A part of the U.S. Department of Justice, the NCJRS offers a plethora of publications and information sources on topics ranging from neighborhood watch and school safety to confronting gangs and dealing with sex offenders in the community. If anyone wants to dive deep on these safety oriented programs, find more information at https://www.ncjrs.gov/Celebrate_Safe_Communities/neighborhoodsandcommunities.html.

A message from Atlanta Fire Rescue Foundation

Please join us this fall at the Atlanta Fire Rescue Foundation’s seventh annual Breakfast with Our Bravest fundraiser. This event gives us the opportunity to show our support for the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department’s tireless commitment to keep our community safe. This year’s event will be hosted by Fire Chief Joel G. Baker and our Honorary Co-Chair, Michael Russell, on Tuesday, November 15, 2016 from 7:30 am to 9:30 am at Flourish in Buckhead.

The Atlanta Fire Rescue Department is a cornerstone of our city’s vitality. Did you know that when you call 911, it’s often firefighters who come running? When our community suffers medical emergencies, fires, accidents and other hazards, firefighters and paramedics from the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department are the first to arrive on the scene. From saving lives at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport to scaling skyscrapers in Buckhead, from responding to car accidents on I-75/85 to putting out fires across the city, these brave men and women serve us daily.

Budgetary constraints hinder the department’s efforts to secure cutting-edge training, equipment, materials, and support for their employees. Over the years, the Atlanta Fire Rescue Foundation has been able to help meet those needs through the generosity of local businesses, such as The Coca-Cola Company, Delta Air Lines, Legendary Events, Simmons Bedding Company, WSB-TV, and Georgia Power. In 2015, the Atlanta Fire Foundation launched an ambitious tuition reimbursement program as well as critical infrastructure improvements to continue our support of AFRD. On behalf of the 2016 Breakfast with our Bravest Honorary Chair Michael Russell, we write to invite you to join these efforts!

Atlanta Fire Rescue Department’s firefighters and paramedics dedicate their lives to keeping the community safe for all who live, work, play, or fly through the City of Atlanta. With your contribution, you can help us say thanks.

To purchase a ticket to the event, please visit our website at www.atlfrf.org or click here! For questions please contact Executive Director Shirley Anne Smith at s.smith@atlff.org or at 404-538-7112.

Shirley Anne Smith, Executive Director

Crime Statistic Graphics Available for August and September

Thank you as always to Holly Lybeer and Shannon Mehl for preparing a visual look at Zone 6, Beat 601 (Virginia-Highland) crime statistics for the months of August and September along with a look at the year to date. Follow the link to look these and at past reports.


Crime Statistics

The following information is taken from our APD Zone 6 report (http://atlantapd.org/Zone6.aspx).
It includes information from the Virginia-Highland Beat 601 reported incidents along with relevant reports from other nearby beats. Keep in mind that not all incidents are reported. A map showing the location of beats 601 – 612 within Zone 6 can be found at this link 

http://boundaries.atlantapd.org/Map-Zone6-Beats.aspx. This information is not shared to scare anyone, but to let you know what happens around us every day so you can be alert and aware.

Homicide None reported in Beat 601 and none in Zone 6.

Rape None reported in Beat 601 and none in Zone 6.

Pedestrian/Carjacking Robbery None reported in Beat 601 and five reported in Zone 6.

Residential Robbery None reported in Beat 601 and 1 reported in Zone 6.

Commercial Robbery None reported in Beat 601 and 1 reported in Zone 6.

Aggravated Assault   Two reported in Beat 601 and eight reported in Zone 6.

On September 26th an altercation between a former employee of J & J Bourbon Bar and another individual resulted in a broken pain of glass and a black eye for the victim.

On October 6th in the parking lot of the Presbyterian church on Ponce de Leon Avenue, two men were involved in an altercation in which one individual was stabbed in the chest multiple times. The victim escaped across the street and called police from the Majestic Diner.

Residential Burglary None reported in Beat 601 and twenty-one reported in Zone 6.

Though no incidents were reported in Virginia-Highland, in nearby Inman Park a home was burglarized with clothing and food being taken. The homeowner saw the suspect later in the day wearing her husband’s clothing and Marvin Lee Arnold was arrested and charged with burglary. This individual is on probation for burglary and has a long criminal history including at least one felony conviction. We have asked for this case to be the CourtWatch list.

Commercial Burglary None reported in Beat 601 and two reported in Zone 6.

Larceny From Vehicle Ten reported in Beat 601 and ninety reported in Zone 6.
Vehicles were entered on Bonaventure, Los Angeles, Monroe Drive, Ponce de Leon Avenue, Seminole, St. Charles Avenue, Virginia Circle, and Virginia Avenue. 

Entry was made via broken windows, pried doors, and unlocked doors. 

Stolen were a book bag; an Apple  Pro, a hang bag, and prescription glasses; ID, a backpack, chargers and computer boards; a computer bag, HP laptop, passport and wallet, speakers and cash; a wallet with ID and $20; two iPads, ID, passport, suitcase and clothing; briefcase, cell phone, laptop, iPad, clothing, documents and $20,000; another backpack, MacBook Pro; and a book bag and clothing.

Note that the while one of the break-ins occurred on Seminole Ave in L5P, apparently the vehicle owner waited to report the incident until they were home. For this reason the report shows up in Virginia-Highland statistics.

Other Larcenies None reported in Beat 601 and forty-two reported in Zone 6.

Auto Theft Two reported in Beat 601 and nineteen reported in Zone 6.

On October 6th a Black 2008 Mercury was stolen from the lot at the Highland View Apartments on Ponce de Leon Place.

On October 7th a gray 2014 Honda was stolen from Bonaventure Avenue. The vehicle was recovered but with a broken window and missing a backpack, rain gear, and computer and electronic accessories.

If this report was forwarded to you and you would like to be added to the distribution, please send a message to me at VaHiSafety@gmail.com with your name, email address, and affiliation. Thanks.

Stay Safe!

Kay Stephenson
"The way to get things done is not to mind who gets the credit." Benjamin Jowett, 1817-1893

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