December 30, 2016

Report for December, 2016 - Virginia Highland Security Patrol (FBAC)

The activity report is a summary of what our FBAC Patrol Officers do on their shifts

Directed Patrols:  31
Drop ins/Park and Walks:  28
Suspicious person:  6
Alarm Response:  4
Suspicious Vehicle:  3
Parking Complaints:  2
Noise Complaints:  1
Out of town Checks:  25
Abandoned Auto:  0
FBAC member Contact:  6
Lost Person:  0
Street Obstruction:  0
Wanted Persons:  0
Intoxicated Persons:  0
Found Property:  0
Criminal Trespass:  0
Info for Officers:  2
Shots Fired:  0
Calls for service (cell Phone):  8

News and Notes

Please call 911 first for every issue you have. This includes suspicious persons or activity that you witness By calling 911 it ensures that if FBAC officers are not on patrol an on duty officer is responding to reported activity. Call the FBAC phone after you call 911. The 911 system is set up to handle all calls through the system, both emergency and non-emergency.

Significant Incidents

Robbery on Park Drive

On December 8th officers were called to the 500 block of Park Drive with a report of a pedestrian robbery. The victim stated that as she was walking on the street she saw three black males on the other side of the street. One crossed over, produced a gun and demanded her purse. She gave him the bag and the three males fled into Piedmont Park. All three males were wearing dark clothing and one had a pink backpack. The suspects were described as young and estimated in their 20’s. The male with the gun was approximately 5’8” with a thin build and short hair. Of the other two who remained on the opposite side of the street, one was described as having a larger build and the other was the one with the pink back pack.

Police canvassed the area and located the victim’s purse just inside Piedmont Park. All items were located except her house keys. A water bottle that had been in the purse and was located a distance away was submitted for latent print analysis.

While this investigation what underway, another robbery was attempted near the park. All units responded including mounted patrol. The three males were spotted near 10th street. Officers Dobler, Sheppard and Williams riding officers Jocker, Oreo and Jack pursued and stopped the males at Walker Terrace. At the time both the pink back pack and a Glock 23 (stolen from Gwinnett County) were located with the suspects. The victim was unable to positively identify the three but a judge issued an arrest warrant.

Attempted Carjacking on Cresthill (Second incident from above narrative)

On December 8th officers responded to an attempted carjacking in the 500 block of Cresthill Avenue. The victim reported that he was outside when a male struck him in the face with a pistol. The suspect demanded his car keys, but then fled without the keys or vehicle. A witness indicated that there were four black males. The one who struck the victim was wearing a blue and white hooded jacket. The victim was transported to Grady hospital for treatment. The suspects were apprehended and arrested by mounted patrol as described above. This is an excellent case of quick reporting to 911 allowing police to connect the dots and arrest suspects quickly.

Burglary on Drewry

On December 4th an officer responded to a report of damage to property in the 1000 block of Drewry Street. Rear doors to the residence were damaged. This home was under construction, and nothing was found to be missing inside.

Robbery on St. Charles

On December 21st an officer responded to two victims who advised they had been walking home from a local bar when they were approached by two black males approximately 18 years of age. Victim one was struck in the back of the hear with what appeared to be a semi-automatic handgun. Victim two was also struck in the back of the head with a similar looking gun, possibly a 9mm. Both victims were instructed to hand over wallets and cell phones. Both handed over their belongings. Suspect one was described as approximately 6’ tall weighing 140 pounds and being very skinny. He was wearing a black t-shirt with jeans. His hairstyle was very short on the sides and dreads on top with highlights. Suspect two was described at a skinning black male about 6’3” with a low haircut. He was wearing all black. Officers attempted to track the telephones, but neither victim could remember the proper password. No cameras were located in the area of this incident.


All members call 911 first if you see a crime in progress or a suspicious person or activity, and then call the FBAC Phone. The phone number is on the schedule that is emailed to members monthly.

If you see someone or something suspicious, please report it to the police.  When driving or out walking keep an eye out in the neighborhood, what you see and report just might prevent a crime.

Note: Part one crime statistics from the Atlanta Police Department are available online and will be included in the VaHi Safety Team Reports which are distributed by Neighborhood Watch approximately twice per month. These statistics will no longer be duplicated here. If you have questions about this change, please send a message to

If you do not know who your street captain is, please send a message to with your name and street address, and Eleanor Barrineau will connect you.


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