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The overarching benefit of the Virginia-Highland Security Patrol is the reality of more police presence in the neighborhood. An alarm system is a great way to notify police of a problem after it has occurred, but the existence of an alarm is at best a mild deterrent. The majority of an APD beat officer's on-duty time is spend responding to 911 calls, so they do not have the time to do much proactive policing. The primary focus of the patrol is to proactively work to prevent crime.

Officers not only patrol in vehicles but also get out of the vehicle and walk the streets. They engage and get to know residents and business owners, and also know the offenders who target Virginia Highland. They question people walking in unlikely places at odd hours to determine their business. In this way individuals with outstanding warrants and who have no proper business in our neighborhood can be stopped before they offend again. The VHSP patrol officer is the replacement for the beat cop of earlier times.

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Single Family Home

Individual Unit of Condominium or Apartment Complex
Apartment and Condominium Complex

Coverage Map

The boundaries of the patrol are very close to the boundaries of the Virginia-Highland neighborhood and beat 601. The exceptions are the portion of Rosedale Road that is in unincorporated Dekalb County, and the commercial properties and condominiums along Briarcliff Road and Ponce de Leon Avenue.

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Membership Levels and Rates

Membership rates are determined by the type of residence that is to be patrolled. These include single family homes, condominium or apartment units, and entire condominium complexes or apartment complexes - sometimes refereed to as managed properties. These rates are established irrespective of whether the property is owned or rented, as the patrol activity will be the same.

Type of Membership
Per Month

Single Family Home

Individual condo owner or apartment renter

Condo or Apartment Complex

In addition to residential memberships, business sponsorships are also available. As noted above, sponsorship provides different benefits for the business owner. Rates for sponsorship are as follows:

Business Sponsorship
Platinum Sponsor

Gold Sponsor

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By becoming a member of the Virginia-Highland Security Patrol (aka FBAC or Fight Back Against Crime and hereafter referred to as the patrol) you agree to indemnify, defend and hold employees and volunteers harmless against any and all claims, costs, suits, and damages, including attorney’s fees arising out of the performance of this agreement, or in connection with the management and operation of the patrol.