Virginia Highland Neighborhood Watch Street Captain Duties

The Street Captain serves as a focal point for safety communication with the residents of a street, block, or apartment/condo building.

Specific Duties

1)      Develop a contact list of the residents on your street, including street number, name(s), email addresses, and phone numbers.  Optional methods for developing this list include:

a)     Go door to door
b)     Distribute flyers (sample attached)
c)      Obtain owners’ names from property records (Fulton County Property Records)  and mail flyers
d)     For an apartment complex, coordinate with building management office on the best method.
e)     For a condo building, the Home Owner’s Association can be the source of all residents’ names and email addresses.

2)     Use the contact list to:

a)     Distribute safety emails from Neighborhood Watch Safety Team
b)     Notify residents of incidents/event parking arrangements/other safety and quality-of-life issues

3)     When notified by residents on your street, share information/questions with Neighborhood Watch Safety Team, other residents, and other neighborhood contacts as appropriate.

4)     Organize occasional safety meetings on your street.  A major purpose of these meetings is to meet neighbors face to face as this facilitates communication and neighborly spirit.  If desired, you can invite a representative from the Virginia Highland Safety Team, and a representative from the Atlanta Police Department (APD) to attend.

5)     If desired by residents, complete steps to participate in APD’s Neighborhood Watch Program.  Note: materials for this program are being revised and will be shared when available.

6)     If desired by residents, develop a street directory for distribution to residents.  This will enable them to contact each other directly if safety issues arise (e.g., suspicious person at their house).

7)     Encourage residents to reduce risk by improving exterior lighting, trimming overgrown shrubbery, removing items from cars, and preventing televisions and other electronics from being visible through windows.  Recommend large and clearly visible street numbers to help law enforcement and emergency personnel.

8)    Participate in Street Captain meetings, and attend other safety meetings as needed. 

9)     If possible, participate in Court Watch: More Information.  Information about upcoming cases of interest to the neighborhood will be disseminated in Safety Team emails.

10) Encourage residents to participate in other forms of neighborhood communication, including joining the vhlist ( – search for vhlist) or click here; the VaHi Community email list (, and attending VaHi Civic Association Meetings (schedule at  Other resources to inform neighbors of include the FBAC program (, and the Nextdoor neighborhood message board with an urgent text alert feature.

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