January 25, 2011

Street Captain Duties

Virginia Highland Civic Association Safety Program - Street Captain system

As a street captain:
  • Your main job is to get info to people on your street. 
  • Create a street email distribution list. Forward John Wolfinger's safety reports. 
    • Start by putting a flyer in everyone's mailbox asking for their email address—or knock on doors and introduce yourself. Could have your driver's license to verify you really do live on the street. 
    • Create a directory and hand it out. Not just for public safety. What if a tree falls on their house while out of town? Or a pet gets out. Or an alarm goes off. 
    • If an elderly person doesn't have email, ask their next-door neighbor to hand them info. 
  • Have a street gathering—get different people to host it each time. One time on a Saturday, next time weekday evening. Streetwide yard sale brings people together—very little work. Just let everyone know where and when and they bring their stuff. Jamie Butler off Zonolite has large office space she is willing for people to use for neighborhood gatherings. Holds up to 300 people. 
  • If there is a shop on your street, include them and their employees on your distribution list.

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