May 16, 2011

Why funding more patrol hours is important

A lesson learned from our neighbors in Inman Park...

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Subject: [inmanparkga] pedestrian robbery

Last night there was a pedestrian robbery at North Highland and Washita Ave at 10:35pm. I don't have the full police report yet, but two residents of the Montag Circle area of Inman Park were walking on North Highland when they were approached by a black male with dreadlocks and all black clothing and were robbed at gunpoint.

Now, the frustrating part. Kristine and I were sitting on our porch at 10:30pm. I saw a dark blue car (police looking, maybe a Caprice) come up Washita and stop at the turnaround at the Freedom Park trail. The passenger (B/M about 5'9, dreadlocks, all black clothing) got out and walked on Washita towards North Highland. I instantly knew this guy was up to no good and called Security Patrol. As I was calling, the car backed down Washita and parked near the AT&T fiber box with its parking lights on. I got voicemail with Security Patrol and called 911. As I was wrapping up the call, the passenger got back in and the car went past our house with its parking lights on.

From Lt. Schierbaum's review of 911 tapes, it looks like my 911 call got a typical response time, but the responding car would have had to come from the Cheshire Bridge area, by which time the robbery had already occurred. If we had a full time Security Patrol, the 1.5 to 2 minutes between first noticing suspicious activity and the robbery would likely have been enough time for the Security Patrol car to get from anywhere in Inman Park to the scene and either thwart the robbery attempt or likely catch the getaway car.

PLEASE, PLEASE join Security Patrol if you aren't already members. Pester your neighbors. Do what you have to do to help. Alert citizens and more neighborhood patrol ARE the answer to crime in Inman Park.


Bob Sandage
VP of Public Safety

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