September 1, 2011

FBAC Newsletter - September 2011

July 9 through August 10 2011


Directed Patrols 15
Drop Ins/Park and Walks 25
Alarm Response 5
Calls For Service (Cell Phone) 12
Out Of Town Checks 18
FBAC Member Contact 5
Info for Officers 4

Abandoned Auto 1
Theft of vehicle 3
Theft From Auto 4
Theft 1
Burglary 3

Suspicious Person 10
Intoxicated Person 2
Suspicious Vehicle 3
Parking Complaints 3
Noise Complaints 2

FBAC arrested two subjects for Disorderly Conduct. The subjects were being aggressive panhandlers and Intoxicated causing disturbances in the neighborhood.

The extra patrols throughout the last month resulted in numerous arrests throughout the neighborhood. The Zone and FBAC will continue to be aggressive with enforcement to make an impact on the crime numbers. We did receive help from neighbors last month in the way of information which is extremely helpful. If you have information on suspicious persons, etc… please call us and let us know about it.

Please use caution as you walk the neighborhoods and mind your surroundings as we have had some Pedestrian Robberies in the Virginia Highland and surrounding Neighborhoods. The Zone is aware of the problem and is stepping up efforts to apprehend the suspects.

Street Captains Meet with FBAC Officer:
We had a great gathering at Aurora Coffee on Aug. 17th and the attendees enjoyed chatting with other Street Captains and meeting folks in person that they had only known via email. John was tickled with his "Wolf Gear" and other items - thanks again to Deborah Schwarz for organizing that very well deserved recognition.

Officer Skeens (APD & FBAC) attended a meeting of neighborhood watch street captains. He was able to describe firsthand the extra layer of protection that FBAC provides Virginia Highland. His two top safety recommendations are to improve outdoor lighting and keep

July 9 through Aug 10 2011

Crimes reported to police in the FBAC North and South areas:
Auto Theft 4
Commercial Burglary 0
Rape 0
Vehicular Larceny 4
Residential Burglary 3
Assault 0
General Larceny 1
Homicide 0
Robbery 1

7/11/2011, 0900a-650p, Burglary, 10xx Monroe Dr, Jewelry, Purse
7/13/2011, 11p-6a, Burglary, 7xx Brookridge Dr, Laptop
7/23/2011, 128a, Robbery, 14xx N. Highland Av, Purse, Cell Phone
7/24/2011, 5p-8p, Theft From Auto, 7xx Kanuga St, Bag w/ CD’s
7/26/2011, 6p-7a, Stolen Auto, 9xx N. Highland Av, 98 Dodge Caravan
7/27/2011, 10p-1030a, Stolen Auto, 10xx N. Virginia Av, 2000 Jeep, Cherokee
7/29/2011,, 815p-825p, Theft by Snatch, 9xx Virginia Av, Cell Phone
8/2/2011, 1015a-1045a, Theft From Auto, 9xx N. Highland Av, Purse
8/3-8/2011, 4a-10p, Burglary, 7xx Elkmont Dr, Laptop, Skateboard, BB Gun
8/4/2011, 11p-830a, Stolen Auto, 8xx N. Highland Av, 2010 Jeep Wrangler
8/4/2011, 7p-7a, Stolen Trailer, 8xx Highland View, Trailer
8/6/2011, 9p-11p, Theft from Auto, 8xx N. Highland Av, Purse. IPod
8/10/2011, 1045p-11p, Theft from Auto, 6xx Orme Cr, Briefcase, Wallet

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