July 24, 2011

Mugging near Alon's

from Chris Clark (APD and head officer FBAC patrol)

On 7/23/2011, at approximately 1:12am, I was dispatched to 13xx N. Highland Ave on a pedestrian robbery. When I arrived on scene Ms. (name removed for publication on web) stated that, she had been robbed at gun point. She stated that, she was travelling (on foot) southbound on N. Highland Ave near 13xx (exact address removed for publication) N. Highland Ave when she saw a vehicle behind her making a u-turn on N. Highland Ave(north of her location). She stated that, at some point the vehicle arrived south of her location on N. Highland Ave and made a u-turn. At this point she was still traveling southbound on N. Highland Ave (sidewalk, east) and the vehicle was now traveling northbound on N. Highland Ave towards her. She stated that, the vehicle came to a stop at 13xx N. Highland Ave, the front passenger door and the rear passenger side door opened up and three males exited the vehicle.

She stated that one male (less than six feet but taller than her, white bandana, something black on his head, dressed in black) pointed a shotgun in her face and told her “give me everything”. Ms. (name) stated that, she dropped her purse when the male told her that he also wanted her phone. She stated that, she told the male that her phone was in the purse when the male grabbed the purse and all the males got back in the vehicle. She stated that, she did not know if the driver was still in the vehicle or if he had exited the vehicle during the robbery. She stated that, the vehicle sped away from the location and she went to the neighbor’s house. She stated that, she did not know what the other males were wearing because it was dark (no working street light in the immediate area). The initial remarks for the call stated that, there were four males that were involved in the robbery.

She stated that, the male with the shotgun was holding it both hands (one hand near the trigger and the other hand near the front of the barrel). She did not see any scars, tattoos, etc. She stated that, the vehicle was a blue colored van and that it had no rims, a flat rear, a flat front and was possibly an Astrovan. 4607x who had arrived at the incident location stated that, a few minutes before the robbery call was dispatched he noticed a black colored van (GMC Safari van) traveling northbound on Lenox Rd where it turned quickly on to a street. He stated that, he was traveling in the opposite direction on the street the vehicle turned on to when he made a u-turn and got behind the vehicle but the vehicle sped away and he lost it. He stated that, he found the vehicle parked at a location and when he approached it it sped away again and he lost it again. Ms. (name) was shown a picture of a GMC Safari van and she stated that, the vehicle looked similar to the vehicle she had seen. He stated that, he He also stated that, he saw the driver of the vehicle who looked like a 16-17 year old Hispanic male.

Mr. John (name removed) stated that, he heard someone screaming in front of his house and when he looked out the window he saw Ms (name) outside his house and she looked terrified. He stated that, he saw a vehicle but he did not see the type of vehicle or anyone else around because it was dark and his view was blocked.

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