August 1, 2012

FBAC News - August 2012

June 24, 2012 through July 18, 2012

Assault: 0
Auto Theft:2
Commercial Burglary: 0
General Larceny: 0
Homicide: 0
Rape: 0
Residential Burglary: 3
Vehicular Related Larceny: 6

6/24/12 9p-5p Residential Burg 955 Greenwood Av, Watch Stolen
6/24/12 945p-10p Theft Fr Auto 1061 Maryland Av, License Plate
6/27/12 1p-530p Residential Burg 628 Park Dr,  Several Items
7/1/12 4p-4p Stolen Auto 737 Barnett St,  95 Honda Accord
7/1/12 7p-12a Stolen Auto 1037 N. Highland Av, 96 GMC Jimmy
7/1/12 2a-256a Theft Fr Auto 1164 St. Louis Pl, GPS
7/3/12 12a-6a Residential Burg 1105 St. Louis Pl, Laptop/Jewelry
7/7/12 8p-1115p Theft Fr Auto 824 Greenwood Av, GPS/Laptop
7/11/12 7p-830p Theft Fr Auto 1043 Greenwood Av, Laptop
7/15/12 230a-8a Theft Fr Auto 794 N. Highland Av, Ipad
7/16/12 630p-845p Theft Fr Auto 832 N. Highland Av, Camera

June 24, 2012 through July 18, 2012
The Activity Report is a summary of what our FBAC Patrol officers do on their shifts.
Directed Patrols: 19
Lost Person: 0
Drop Ins/Park and Walks: 17
Street Obstruction: 0
Suspicious Person: 9
Alarm Response: 3
Wanted Persons: 0
Suspicious Vehicle: 0
Intoxicated Persons: 0
Parking Complaints: 0
Found Property: 0
Noise Complaints: 1
Criminal Trespass: 7
Out of Town Checks:10
Info for Officers: 0
Abandoned Auto: 1
Shots Fired:  0
FBAC Member Contact: 1
Calls for Service (Cell Phone): 5

News and Notes

We had three Residential Burglaries last month. We ask that persons that are home during the day keep their eyes and ears open for any suspicious activity.  Please call the Police when you see something suspicious and let them determine if there is anything of concern.  Please use reputable individuals for any work done on or around your home, and refrain from using persons soliciting work as some persons are casing your home instead of being concerned with doing the work they are soliciting.

We continue to have persons leave items of value in there vehicles.  Please get the word out to your friends and neighbors to remove items of value from their vehicles or at least place them in the trunk or out of sight.

One of the suspicious persons FBAC stopped last month was wanted for a probation violation out of Clayton County and arrested.  In addition, numerous persons were given Criminal Trespass Warnings from various properties on the beat.

Lastly, if you own vehicles that you park on the street that do not have current registrations please get the registration up to date ASAP.  Zone Six will be looking for vehicles that are not properly registered and the vehicles will be impounded.