September 1, 2012

FBAC News - September 2012

July 19, 2012 through August 19, 2012
Part One Crimes:
Assault: 0
Auto Theft: 4
Commercial Burglary: 0
General Larceny: 3
Homicide: 0
Rape: 0
Residential Burglary: 4
Robbery: 0
Vehicular Related Larceny: 7

7/19/12 2a-230a Larceny 816 N. Highland Av Cash (Arrest made)
7/19/12 530p-930p Theft Fr Auto 1168 Euclid Av Laptop
7/21/12 10p-11p Theft Fr Auto 783 Frederica St Car Stereo
7/25/12 8p-6p Larceny 939 Virginia Av Ring (Suspect  Warrant)
7/29/12 12a-6a Larceny 786 Drewry St Bicycle Stolen
7/29/12 1159p-730a Theft Fr Auto 1036 Kentucky Av Wallet
7/30/12 7p Theft Fr Auto 1045 N. highland Av Laptop/Tablet/GPS
7/30/12 12p-3p Burglary 676 Virginia Av Cameras/Checks
7/31/12 325p-350p Burglary 1201 Monroe Dr Jewelry
8/3/12 6p-945a Auto Theft 736 N. Highland Av Subaru (Recovered)
8/6/12 9p-12p Auto Theft 785 Virginia Av 06 Dodge Ram
8/6/12 745p-945p Theft Fr Auto 832 N. Highland Av Laptop/Camera
8/6/12 1127p-1140p Theft Fr Auto 1204 N. Highland Av I-Pad
8/6/12 12p-229p Burglary 1088 N. Highland Av Computer/Coins
8/8/12 11p-6a Auto Theft 1046 Bellevue Dr Olds Cutlass
8/10/12 640a-440p Burglary 1211 Monroe Dr Laptop/Watch
8/13/12 9p-7a Theft Fr Auto 1026 St. Charles Av Gift Cards
8/14/12 1130p-6a Auto Theft 1106 Lanier Blvd Honda Civic

July 19, 2012 through August 19, 2012
The Activity Report is a summary of what our FBAC Patrol officers do on their shifts.

Directed Patrols: 25
Lost Person: 0
Drop Ins/Park and Walks: 20
Street Obstruction: 0
Suspicious Person: 11
Alarm Response: 6
Wanted Persons: 0
Suspicious Vehicle: 2
Intoxicated Persons: 0
Parking Complaints: 5
Found Property: 0
Noise Complaints: 0
Criminal Trespass: 2
Out of Town Checks: 15
Info for Officers: 5
Abandoned Auto: 0
Shots Fired:  0
FBAC Member Contact: 3
Calls for Service (Cell Phone): 6

News and Notes from Chris Clark, our lead officer
Charles Echols with the cooperation of the neighborhood and Zone Six Officers/Detectives was arrested.  Detective Gurley is still investigating this subject to clear up some of the Burglaries that were committed in the Virginia Highland/Morningside Area.  To this date Mr. Echols has been linked to 12 Burglaries.  There is a high likelihood that he will be charged with additional Burglaries as Investigator Gurley continues his Investigation.  He will be holding a day for Burglary victims to come in and look at some of the property that has been recovered as a result of the arrest and Investigation.  The property line up will probably take place at Fire Station 19 and FBAC will keep you advised as to when that will occur.
Another suspect was identified for a Larceny that occurred at 939 Virginia Av. A Warrant has been issued for the arrest of the suspect for another crime in Cobb County.  The Investigation continues into the activities of this suspect.

FBAC was involved in the apprehension and arrest of a Larceny suspect that had stolen cash form a patron’s purse at 816 N. Highland Av.  

Lastly, keep up the good work in the neighborhood.  Communication between FBAC and the neighborhood is essential to keep Fighting back against the criminals that target the Virginia Highland Community.