January 1, 2013

FBAC News January 2013

A Happy and Safe New Year from:

Your FBAC officers:
Sgt. Chris Clark, 24 years on the force (APD)
Ken Allen, 25 years on the force
Chip Cook, 25 years on the force
Bill Skeens, 10 years on the force
Gary Free, 15 years on the force

Your FBAC volunteers:
Nancy Safay
Brian Gross



FBAC officers arrested two individuals last month. Both of these individuals were in our local parks after-hours, which violates city ordinance. Please be aware of and report persons in the parks after-hours as some of these individuals utilize the parks for concealment before and after crimes are committed.
As 2012 comes to a close, we would like to thank all of the FBAC members for their participation in the program. We encourage you to speak with your neighbors and ask them to join in your efforts to fight crime in Virginia-Highland. Through the partnership with our FBAC officers – all Atlanta police officers – we can be proactive in our efforts to fight crime.

We would like to see every member recruit one new member to the program to make our efforts stronger in 2013. We need every member’s help to keep the program up-and-running in our community. Please take a little bit of time out of your day to speak with your neighbors about joining.
We look forward to 2013 and hope that everyone has a great year, and be careful out there!

Thanks to Sgt. Clark and Officer Skeens who spoke to a neighborhood safety meeting for Maryland/Vance and adjacent streets. We have at least three new members in the area now!

We are still actively looking for volunteers who would like to increase awareness of the patrol and get more people to sign up. The more members - the more patrol hours! Let me know (brian@fbacvahi.com) if you or someone you know is interested.


November 25, 2012 through December 15, 2012
Part One Crimes:
Assault: 0
Auto Theft: 2
Commercial Burglary: 0
General Larceny: 1
Homicide: 0
Rape: 0
Residential Burglary: 1
Robbery: 0
Vehicular Related Larceny: 6

Part Two, Crime Details
11/25/12, 10p-12p, Theft Fr Auto, 800 N. Highland Av, Purse/Blackberry
11/28/12, 6p-7p, Theft Fr Auto, 752 N. Highland Av, GPS
11/29/12, 11a-1134a, Burglary, 855 Highland Terr , Change
12/3/12, 550p-7a, Theft Fr Auto, 841 Frederica St, Gps
12/3/12, 1145p-745a, Auto Theft, 811 Greenwood Av, Chrysler Van
12/10/12, 8p-10p, Theft Fr Auto, 1190 N. Highland Av, Books
12/10/12, 7a-710a, Theft Fr Auto, 675 Greenwood Av, Cell Phone Charger
12/12/12, 7p-9p, Theft Fr Auto, 780 N. Highland Av, Laptops
12/14/12, 1250a-650a, Auto Theft, 997 Bellevue Dr, Acura Integra
12/15/12, 12p-4p, Larceny, 850 Ponce De Leon Terr, Trailer


November 25, 2012 through December 15, 2012
The Activity Report is a summary of what our FBAC Patrol officers do on their shifts.
Abandoned Auto: 1
Alarm Response: 5
Calls for Service (Cell Phone): 7
Criminal Trespass: 3
Directed Patrols: 32
Drop Ins/Park and Walks: 22
FBAC Member Contact: 7
Found Property: 0
Info for Officers: 5
Intoxicated Persons: 2
Lost Person: 0
Noise Complaints: 2
Out of Town Checks: 17
Parking Complaints: 6
Shots Fired: 0
Street Obstruction: 0
Suspicious Person: 15
Suspicious Vehicle: 4
Wanted Persons: 0