February 1, 2013

FBAC News February 2013


December 15, 2012 through January 19, 2013


Assault: 0

Auto Theft: 2

Commercial Burglary: 2

General Larceny: 3

Homicide: 0

Rape: 0

Residential Burglary: 1

Robbery: 0

Vehicular Related Larceny: 10



12/18/12, 11a-39, Larceny, 820 Drewry St, Mail

12/23/12, 8p, Theft Fr Auto, 992 Rosedale Rd, Catalytic Converter

12/23-24/12, 10p-10p, Theft Fr Auto, 1125 Lanier Blvd, Catalytic Converter

12/28-30/12, 12a-12p, Auto Theft, 642 Cresthill Av, Honda Accord

12/31/12, 4p-8a, Theft Fr Auto, 696 Virginia Av, , GPS

1/3/13, 2a-230a, Theft Fr Auto, 836 St Charles Av, Change

1/3-4/13, 9a-12p, Theft Fr Auto, 735 Amsterdam Av, 42.00 Cash

1/7/13, 7p-920p, Theft Fr Auto, 794 N. Highland Av, Backpack

1/7/13, 1a-7a, Theft Fr Auto, 1099 Lanier Blvd, GPS,

1/8/13, 8p-10a, Theft Fr Auto, 852 Arlington Pl, 2 Laptops

1/8/13, 5a-520a, Comm Burglary, 1054 St Charles Av, Cash/Mercahndise

1/8/13, 5a-520a, Comm Burglary, 1060 St. Chales Av, Cash/Mercahndise

1/10/13, 740p-959p, Theft Fr Auto, 1033 N. Highland Av, Backpack

1/11/13, 3a, Larceny, 1235 Virginia Av, Scooter

1/12/13, 410a-420a, Burglary, 1151 Rosedale Rd, Ipod Touch

1/12/13, 4a-12p, Larceny, 1171 Rosedale Rd, Bicycle/Tool Box

1/16/13, 5a-6a, Auto Theft, 881 N. Highland Av, Honda Civic

1/19/13, 10p-1059p, Theft Fr Auto, 927 Rosedale Rd, Backpack



December 15, 2012 through January 19, 2013

The Activity Report is a summary of what our FBAC Patrol officers do on their shifts.

Abandoned Auto: 0

Alarm Response: 7

Calls for Service (Cell Phone): 9

Criminal Trespass: 2

Directed Patrols: 29

Drop Ins/Park and Walks: 25

FBAC Member Contact: 9

Found Property: 0

Info for Officers: 3

Intoxicated Persons: 5

Lost Person: 0

Noise Complaints: 5

Out of Town Checks: 26

Parking Complaints: 8

Shots Fired: 0

Street Obstruction: 0

Suspicious Person: 11

Suspicious Vehicle: 3

Wanted Persons: 2



Happy New Year to everyone, and I hope this year brings good things for all.

Theft from autos was the crime of the month and continues to be an issue for the neighborhood and citywide. I encourage everyone to speak with each other about leaving items of value in their vehicle. As long as the criminals have a place to thrive they will return until they are caught or the merchandise runs out.

FBAC Officers arrested two individuals last month. Both of these individuals were wanted individuals from two separate counties. Both were stopped by FBAC officers for suspicious activity. Pay attention to your surroundings and go with your gut and feelings if you feel that doesn’t seem right and call the police. If there is nothing to it, then no harm done, you may be preventing a crime.

The two commercial burglaries on St. Charles Av. have generated a person of interest that we are currently looking for. This individual is a suspect in the burglaries. We ask again that you ask your friends and neighbors in Virginia-Highland to join FBAC, to help make Virginia-Highland a safer neighborhood. We can do this if we work together as a team.