April 1, 2013

FBAC News April 2013

At FBAC we are in need of a volunteer for an hour or two per month to help with communications. You are the person who ensures that FBAC's message gets out to its members. You also ensure that the broader community remains aware of what FBAC is, what it does, and that they are regularly reminded that they can support FBAC as a member. This includes monthly postings to VaHi's online discussion boards (VHList and NextDoor) and to our Facebook page. Once a month you make very brief edits to this newsletter. And you help brainstorm how to keep up and expand our membership numbers - not limited to the above means but any way of interacting with and creating more awareness in the Virginia-Highland community.

February 17, 2013 through March 16, 2013

Part One Crimes:

Assault: 0

Auto Theft: 0

Commercial Burglary: 0

General Larceny: 0

Homicide: 0

Rape: 0

Residential Burglary: 5

Robbery: 1 (attempt)

Vehicular Related Larceny: 11

2/17/13 9p-9a Burglary 903 Glen Arden Way Watch/Television

2/17/13 9p-9a Burglary 896 Glen Arden Way Computer/Camera/Cash

2/18/13 8p-6a Theft Fr Auto 917 Highland Terr Sheriffs Badge/ID

2/22/13 9p-920p Theft Fr Auto 956 N. Highland Av Computer

2/23/13 7p-940p Theft Fr Auto 1190 N. Highland Av GPS/Checks

2/26/13 11p-8a Theft Fr Auto 880 Virginia Av CD’s/Phone Charger

2/28/13 10a-7p Burglary 1014 St. Charles Av Watches/Handgun

3/3/13 1030p-730p Theft Fr Auto 890 Greenwood Av GPS

3/5/13 4p-10p Theft Fr Auto 1199 N. Highland Av Cash/Backpack

3/5/13 6p-1040p Theft Fr Auto 970 Lanier Blvd Laptop

3/07/13 7p-12p Burglary (Shed) 970 Lanier Blvd Lawnmower

3/8/13 8p-1230a Theft Fr Auto 991 N. Highland Av Ski Geat

3/8/13 4p-10p Theft Fr Auto 1054 N. Highland Av Electronics

3/9/13 0250am Robbery Attempt 680 Greenwood Av Nothing

3/13/13 735p-1030p Theft Fr Auto 1145 Hudson Dr Laptop

3/14/13 730p-730p Theft Fr Auto 1034 Lanier Blvd Briefcase

3/15/13 7p-745a Burglary 1085 Monroe Dr Food


February 17, 2013 through March 16, 2013

The Activity Report is a summary of what our FBAC Patrol officers do on their shifts.

Directed Patrols: 22 Lost Person: 0

Drop Ins/Park and Walks: 17 Street Obstruction: 0

Suspicious Person: 5

Alarm Response: 6 Wanted Persons: 1

Suspicious Vehicle: 3 Intoxicated Persons: 0

Parking Complaints: 5 Found Property: 0

Noise Complaints: 1 Criminal Trespass: 2 (One Arrest)

Out of Town Checks: 12 Info for Officers: 3

Abandoned Auto: 1 Shots Fired: 0

FBAC Member Contact: 3 Calls for Service (Cell Phone): 6

News and Notes

Narrative: Pedestrian Robbery 680 Greenwood Av - ATTEMPT ONLY Pedestrian – Apartment (OUTSIDE) / Stranger-Rock/ Injuries- Victim stated that as he was attempting to put the code in at the gate to his home he was hit in the head with a rock by the unknown suspect: a black male, clean shaven, possibly 30 to 35 years old, 6'00'' tall, and wearing a yellow knit cap. He stated he heard the suspect say “give me all your money”. He stated at that point he grabbed the suspect’s right hand that held the rock, so the suspect began hitting him in his face and head with his left hand knocking his glasses off. The victim refused to give up any money and the suspect got free and ran away. The victim received a large bleeding laceration on top of his head above his left eye, and several lacerations on his face and arms.

We are still experiencing Burglary’s in the neighborhood so stay alert. Police have suspects on the Burglary’s and are trying to match up prints to the homes burglarized to obtain warrants for at least one suspect.

An increase of Theft From Autos was observed during this reporting periods. The usual reminder: remove items from your vehicles that are of value.

FBAC Officers arrested two individuals last month. One of the suspects was arrested for Criminal Trespass. This individual has been a problem to residents and businesses in the area for some time. The other suspect was arrested on a warrant after a suspicious person stop. This subject was observed by an FBAC Officer looking into vehicles and checking the handles to see if the vehicles were unlocked.

Keep your eyes and ears open and report all suspicious persons and activity to the Police.