December 4, 2013

FBAC News November 2013

October 20, 2013 through November 23, 2013

Part One Crime:

Assault: 1
Auto Theft: 0
Commercial Burglary: 0
General Larceny: 1
Homicide: 0
Rape: 0
Residential Burglary: 2
Robbery: 0
Vehicular Related Larceny: 15

10/24/13 Theft Fr Auto 1048 Drewry St Laptop/I pad
10/28/13 Theft Fr Auto 799 Drewry St Cell phone/Purse
11/2/13 Theft Fr Auto 742 Ponce De Leon Pl Laptop
11/2/13 Larceny 1060 Monroe Dr Bicycle
11/4/13 Agg Assault 798 St. Charles Av (Assault with Knife)
11/4/13 Theft Fr Auto 808 Greenwood Av Laptop
11/5/13 Theft Fr Auto 584 Orme Circle GPS
11/7/13 Burglary 1092 St. Charles Place Wallet
11/9/13 Burglary 935 Greenwood Av TV/Cell Phone
11/9/13 Theft Fr Auto 940 N. Highland Av Laptop
11/10/13 Theft Fr Auto 774 Clemont Drive GPS
11/11/13 Theft Fr Auto 832 N. Highland Av Briefcase
11/17/13 Theft Fr Auto 1062 Virginia Av Purse
11/20/13 Theft Fr auto 1075 Virginia Av Laptop
11/21/13 Theft Fr auto 1044 Greenwood Av Laptop
11/21/13 Theft Fr Auto 874 Greenwood Av IPod
11/21/13 Theft Fr Auto 804 St. Charles Av Laptop
11/22/13 Theft Fr Auto 1048 Drewry St Laptop/I Pad
11/23/13 Theft Fr Auto 1054 Los Angeles Av Laptop

October 20, 2013 through November 23, 2013

The Activity Report is a summary of what our FBAC Patrol officers do on their shifts.

Directed Patrols: 31
Lost Person: 0
Drop Ins/Park and Walks: 23
Street Obstruction: 0
Suspicious Person: 12
Alarm Response: 7
Wanted Persons: 0
Suspicious Vehicle: 2
Intoxicated Persons: 0
Parking Complaints: 3
Found Property: 0
Noise Complaints: 2
Criminal Trespass: 2
Out of Town Checks: 9
Info for Officers: 2
Abandoned Auto: 1
Shots Fired: 0
FBAC Member Contact: 4
Calls for Service (Cell Phone): 6

News and Notes

The following narratives are from the Police Officers that took the Reports:

These Incidents are serious crimes. We include the narratives in these reports to make you aware of how the crime occurred and identify suspect descriptions. By knowing how some of these crimes are committed you have an advantage. Please be aware of your surroundings when out late at night and do not put yourself in a position where you could be a victim of a crime.

Assault (11/1/13 1am) (Stranger)/Knife/No injuries- On the listed and time, Victim stated she was walking home from a local bar in the area. Victim stated she reached the front door of her apartment before an unknown male grabbed her and force her to the ground. Victim stated the male placed a knife to her neck and stated "if you scream then I will kill you!”. Victim stated she screamed anyway and her boyfriend heard the screaming and looked out the window from their apartment and scream at the male to stop. Victim stated the male then stood to his feet and fled the location on foot east on Saint Charles Ave (Description: Possibly Asian or Hispanic Male, 5’7, clean shaven, dark hair, wearing a light colored T-Shirt)


As we approach the Holiday’s please be aware of your surroundings when out shopping, dining and other activities you might be doing with your families and friends.

There were 9 Laptops stolen from vehicles last month. Please remove Laptops and any other items of value from your vehicles. Most of these items were in laptop bags visible to the criminals.

If you see someone or something suspicious please report it to the police. During the Holiday’s all extra eyes on the neighborhood are appreciated. When driving or out walking keep an eye out in the neighborhood, what you see and report just might prevent a crime.

Please utilize the vacation/residence check system during the Holidays. We ask that you give notice at least a week before leaving town.

We also want to encourage everyone to recruit your neighbors to the FBAC Program. The more members that FBAC has the more patrols and hours we can add to the program. FBAC continues to be a valuable asset to the neighborhood and we need your help to add to the membership.