April 10, 2015

FBAC Survey Results

During the month of February the volunteers who manage the Fight Back Against Crime security patrol for Virginia Highland conducted a survey of residents about the service. The goal of the survey was to gather information to improve service and increase membership. The results are in.

Note that this survey did not result in a scientific sampling and the response rate (estimated to be less than 10% of all Virginia Highland residents) is insufficient to predict responses for the neighborhood at large. Rather it offers a quick view of what members and non-members are thinking. Typically such a survey attracts more responses from strong supporters and strong detractors than folks in the middle.

Despite the small number of responses (172), we were able to draw some general conclusions and develop a plan of action. Over the coming months the volunteer team will be working on the following:

v  An upgrade and refresh of the FBAC website

v  Increased communication with members and non-members via social media to include Facebook, FBAC Website, Nextdoor, VHList on Yahoo, and other channels to be determined. Communications will include:
Ø  Profiles of FBAC patrol officers
Ø  Monthly activity reports
Ø  Benefits of membership including explanation of patrol activities

v  A report on the financials of the organization including a comparison of FBAC membership cost compared to nearby neighborhood patrols, and an explanation of how the funds raised through membership are handled.

v  Improvements to the administration of new and renewal memberships and reporting to make this effort less labor intensive.

A summary report of survey results can be found here .

Also, anyone who would like to see the raw data is welcome to do so. Contact VaHiSafety@gmail.com to request these files.

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