July 6, 2015

Patrolling the City from the Sky: Meet Officer Keeley Miller

The newest member of the Virginia Highland Security Patrol is Officer Keeley Miller, who has been with the Atlanta Police Department for five years and with FBAC for two. Officer Miller began in Zone 6 as a patrol officer, but he tells us that, “almost two years ago I was assigned to the Air Unit. Now I patrol the city from the sky”.

Winston, Georgia, where he grew up, is a little town about thirty minutes west of Atlanta. In fact, he and his wife Nita still live in that area and have watched a relatively quiet little town develop and grow without losing that small town feel. There he and Nita, his wife of twenty years, are raising two boys. Tyler is 18 and attends University of West Georgia and Logan is 13 years old. Soon they will be welcoming a new addition – their first daughter! Nita and Keeley also have two dogs to round out the family.

A member of the baseball team at Alexander High School, after graduation Keeley attended University of West Georgia. Like father, like son? However, he did not take a direct path from college to the Atlanta Police Department. Before joining APD he owned a business with his dad and brother. With the downturn in the economy and slowdown in the construction industry, it was time to pursue a childhood dream of becoming a police officer.

When asked the best thing about being a police officer, Keeley responded, “When I was younger, like a lot of little boys, I wanted to be a police officer. Life finally pointed me in that direction and led me to the Atlanta Police Department. I had at this point already acquired my pilot’s license and a love for aviation. When I found out about the opening in the Air Unit Division, it was the perfect opportunity to combine my career and my passion. If I weren’t a police officer, I would be involved in aviation in some form, whether it be airplane or helicopter.”

His safety tip for us it to always be aware of your surroundings, if you see something suspicious, report it. Also remove all valuables from your vehicle.

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