September 1, 2015

Be On the Lookout (BOLO) for Michael Hawkins

Michael Hawkins (aka Michael Norberg) has once again been seen in the neighborhood and of all people for him to approach, he stopped John Wolfinger asking first to do some yard work and later for a ride. John, of course, remembered this individual who was very aggressive with residents of VaHi and Morningside back in 2012. John indicated that he looks somewhat better today than in this old mugshot from 2013.
Hawkins has a long sheet including charges for theft, weapons, drugs, aggravated assault and criminal trespass. He was arrested at Ansley Mall in September 2012 and upon learning that he had an outstanding warrant in Michigan, he was returned to that jurisdiction. A check through Atlanta Police Department last week indicated that the Michigan Department of Corrections is currently looking for him for a parole violation.

If you encounter this individual in the neighborhood, please call 911 and let the call taker know that there is an outstanding warrant for this individual in Michigan. Under no circumstance should you engage with him, give him work, or allow him into your home or vehicle.

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