October 5, 2015

Special VaHi Safety Report

Overnight we received this important message from Major T. D. Peek, Commander Zone 6 Precinct, Atlanta Police Department. Please take a moment to read this report on key arrests for armed robbery and theft from autos that affect the Virginia-Highland

Good evening Virginia-Highland Community!

Recently, we shared some information about the apprehension of several suspects involved with armed robberies in the southern most portion of the Zone Six reporting area.  We also understand that there are other areas within Zone Six that has also experienced similar issues but on a smaller scale.  The Atlanta Police Department, particularly the Zone Six command team is very much aware of all crime patterns.  We study crime and crime patterns in real time and deploy resources to bring these patterns to an end.  The most recent patterns are those of robberies and vehicle break-ins.  For both of these patterns and concerns, we have been successful in apprehending some key players who are committing crimes in the Zone Six community as well as other areas in the metropolitan Atlanta area.

As for robberies, since the beginning of September, we have been able to apprehend five individuals for committing armed robberies.  Again, these robbery patterns reached from the southernmost portion of Zone Six and reaches up to the northernmost area in the Virginia Highlands area.  We are confident that we have removed some dangerous individuals from the streets.  We are working diligently to move these investigations forward in attempts to clear other crimes.  Please know that as we study crime patterns, we know and realize that oftentimes, criminals are committing crimes in areas away from where they reside.  It is the responsibility for detectives to build cases against suspects as they are apprehended.  This is an ongoing process and could be quick or slow depending on a number of factors. Please see the following for some successes that we’ve had thus far.
·         9/3 – Two suspects arrested for robbery on McDonough Blvd.  Suspects were caught in the commission of the crime. 
·         09/10 – A suspect was arrested for armed robbery at the corner of Briarcliff Rd and Ponce De Leon Ave.  The suspect was still in the commission of the crime upon the arrival of Zone Six officers.  A citizen called police to report the suspicious activity and since officers were already assigned to the area, their response time was extremely minimal.
·         9/27 – Three suspects arrested for 4 armed robberies and 1 carjacking.  This immediate robbery spree affected the Zone Six community in Fulton and DeKalb counties.  Based on the information gleaned from the investigation, we believe that this group of individuals may have committed crimes in areas from Ormewood Park to the Virginia Highlands.  The investigations are ongoing.  While we have removed three suspects, we know that there are others involved and we are working to identify the others.
·         9/29 – Three suspects were arrested for breaking into vehicles.  This group has been linked to neighborhoods such as the Virginia Highlands, Poncey Highlands, Inman Park and the Old Fourth Ward.  Although linked to these neighborhoods, we certainly do not limit them to these neighborhoods as this group has also been linked to other cities and counties.  Currently, Cobb County, Brookhaven, Decatur and DeKalb County Police Departments are all involved with this investigation.  We know for certain, that this group has committed an enormous amount of car break-ins in our community and this investigation is growing daily.  Although arrested on 9/29, two of the three were released from jail on 10/01.
·         10/1 – Two suspects were arrested for many felony charges.  Guns, masks and gloves were located during the takedown of these individuals.  Investigators are looking at these suspects in attempts to tie them to armed robberies committed in club districts such as the Old Fourth Ward, East Atlanta and Virginia Highlands.
I share these incidents so that you understand that the Atlanta Police Department is working extremely hard to keep criminals off of our streets.  Investigations can take some time but know that we are all working hard to solve the reported crimes and to stop future crimes from happening.  We attribute the successes shared above to the deployment of additional marked patrols as well as unmarked (plain clothed) patrols.  We have also deployed bike patrols in some areas and look forward to taking more criminals from the streets.  We are in constant contact with your community leaders and should you have any additional concerns, please feel free to forward to your community leaders and/or myself (Major Timothy Peek tpeek@atlantaga.gov).  We will be sure to address your concerns.  We ask that you continue to partner with us as we continue to strive to make our community the safest in the metropolitan Atlanta area.


Major T. D. Peek
Zone Six Precinct
Atlanta Police Department
2025 Hosea Williams Drive
Office - 404-371-5002
City Cellular - 404-831-0824
Efax    - 404-546-9110

We would like to thank Major Peek for keeping us informed and acknowledging our concerns. I hope that all of you will attend the upcoming NPU F meeting on October 19th (7pm at Hillside) which Major Peek will attend along with other city and county officials.

Stay Safe!

Kay Stephenson

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