December 4, 2015

FBAC Report for November 2015 - Virginia Highland Security Patrol (FBAC)

October 25, 2015 through November 14, 2015 (Note partial month)

The activity report is a summary of what our FBAC Patrol Officers do on their shifts

Directed Patrols:  17
Drop ins/Park and Walks:  16
Suspicious person:  4
Alarm Response:  2
Suspicious Vehicle:  3
Parking Complaints:  2
Noise Complaints:  0
Out of town Checks:  16
Abandoned Auto:  0
FBAC member Contact:  4
Lost Person:  0
Street Obstruction:  0
Wanted Persons:  0
Intoxicated Persons:  0
Found Property:  0
Criminal Trespass:  0
Info for Officers:  3
Shots Fired:  0
Calls for service (cell Phone):  3

News and Notes

Attention:   Please call 911 first for every issue you have.  This includes suspicious persons or activity that you witness.  By calling 911 it ensures that if FBAC officers are not on patrol that a police officer is responding to the reported activity.   Call the FBAC phone/officers after you call 911.  The 911 system is set up to handle all calls though the system both emergency and non-emergency.
The Holiday season is upon us and crime rates generally increase.  Please use extra caution when out shopping and enjoying other holiday activities.  Place packages in your automobile where they cannot be seen, such as the trunk.  Remove them immediately once you get to your home.  In general always mind your surrounding when out and about.
For business members and sponsors, please note that there have been multiple smash and grab incidents in our commercial corridor during the past month. Please recommend to nearby businesses that they join FBAC, and talk with officers about ways to increase security. Also consider adding security cameras as a deterrent and as a way to help apprehend suspects.

Pedestrian Robbery 806 Barnett Street from Officers Narrative:

On October 25, 2015 Officer Berry and Officer Ellsworth responded to an armed robbery call at 806 Barnett St, Atlanta. Upon arrival we were meet with one of the victims of the armed robbery, Victim states that as he was walking with his friend down Barnett Street towards Ponce De Leon when they came to the intersection of Greenwood and Barnett St. They observed two black males standing by- one with green pants, Jordan shoes with green in it, a black shirt and many tattoos on his forearm and another male with a gray shirt and tan cargo khaki pants, which obviously had a hand gun in the side pants pocket of his pants. Victim refused to pass the two suspects in fear of having them behind him where he could not keep an eye on them. Victim 2 slightly continued to proceed to walk. Suddenly, the two suspects approached the two victims pulling out the gun on them, making orders to get down and empty their pockets. Victim 1 immediately ran south on Barnett St from the suspects. The male with the pistol ran after Victim, with the gun still in his hand. It was not long before the suspect stopped chasing Victim 1. Meanwhile, Victim 2 complied, got onto the floor, and surrendered $20 to the other suspect who stayed behind. Afterwards, the suspect instructed Victim 2 to get up and walk away without looking at him, and Victim 2 then ran off scene. He stated his suspect went to the direction his partner went to, after chasing his friend in the same direction. Victim 2 returned home to 911 Virginia Ave to call 911, and I arrived there to meet with Victim 2. At this time, Victim 1 was not on scene, nor did anyone know his location or condition. As Victim 2 was advising us the incident, Victim 1 arrived back our location, unharmed. He advised that his suspect did not catch him and he could not advise any further than their description. Each of the victims stated that if they saw the suspects again, they could identify them. Each of the victims wrote victim/witness statements and were turned into CID. CID Inv. Canup Unit 5632 and supervisor Sgt. Dietrich Unit 3692 were notified of the incident and each responded to the scene.

Burglary 960 N. Highland Av from Officers Narrative: (Arrest Made)

On October 31, 2015, I, Officer J. Suazo (Unit 3604) was dispatched to 960 N. Highland Avenue NE for a report of a residential burglary. The call stated that a white male had just gone into her screened in porch, stole a blanket and fled to her neighbor's driveway. Upon my arrival, I briefly spoke to the victim, who showed me that the accused, later identified as Danny Lamar Entrekin (DOB 10-22-1956), was still sitting on the porch of her neighbor's house, located at 958 N. Highland Avenue NE. I approached the accused, and asked what he was doing on the property. He stated that he was a building inspector for the city. This was obviously untrue due to his attire, speech patterns and lack of credentials. I detained the accused with handcuffs that were double locked and secured him in the rear of my patrol vehicle for the purposes of my investigation. I was then able to speak more in depth with the victim. She stated that she was setting up for a party she was throwing later in the night, when the accused approached her driveway and began to open the gate on said driveway. She further stated that she then went back inside and called police. The victim advised that the accused then opened the door to her screened in porch, grabbed a blanket, laid it on the floor and filled it with the beer that she had put out. She further advised that he then picked up the blanket full of beer, walked to her neighbor's house and just sat there. The victim also advised that the accused had left a green Weed eater leaf blower, with an orange extension cord and a bag of perishable food on the porch when he left. The victim filled out a written statement to this effect. It was turned into property control via the Zone 6 Drop Box. I found the grey blanket full of beer on the porch of 958 N. Highland Avenue NE. I opened the blanket to find a 12 pack of 16 ounce cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer, two 6 packs of 12 ounce bottles of Heineken Beer, a 6 pack of 12 ounce cans of Terrapin Beer, a 6 pack of 12 ounce cans of Jai Alai Beer, and a 6 pack of 12 ounce cans of Emergency Drinking Beer. This was all returned to the victim. I recovered the leaf blower, with an orange extension cord and turned it into property control via the Zone 6 Drop Box. The bag of perishable food items was disposed of. The accused was then transported to the Zone 6 Precinct where a warrant for Burglary (16-7-1), was secured. The accused was then transported to Fulton County Jail, without incident.

Robbery 960 St. Charles Av from Officers Narrative:

On 11/1/2015 I officer Rayapin responded to a pedestrian robbery at the listed location (960 Saint Charles Ave). Upon my arrival I spoke with victim. It was clearly visible that she was hurt in the encounter with the perpetrator. I asked for a Grady Bus to come to the scene. I then asked victim what happened. She advised that she just came from a bar crawl on N. Highland and was coming back to her fiends house to get into her vehicle and go home. She was getting into her vehicle when she was grabbed by the neck, into a choke hold. Victim advised that she felt something heavy on her head, she then started screaming for help. The suspect then started hitting victim in the face telling her to shut up. During that time she could hear a second suspect advising the first suspect to not forget to get her purse. That is when the first suspect grabbed her purse and fled the scene with the second suspect. I then ask victim what was taken from her, she advised that her purse (bright, teal in color) was taken. She advised that she had an IPhone in the purse. An attempt to track the device was made but it was offline. I asked victim if she could give me a description of the suspect, she advised that she saw a black male wearing all black. She could not tell is the suspect was wearing a mask or was actually a black male. Grady bus 324 arrived on scene and transported victim for further treatment. I asked witness what happened as she is the friend who victim was visiting at the location. She advised that she did not see anything, and only heard the screams. I then spoke with one of the neighbor who was on scene at the time. Witness 2. He advised that when he heard the screams he came down from his apartment to see what was happening. He then saw two white males with slender build walking away from the scene, they advised him that the woman was safe and that there was no need to worry. One of the white males then went to his vehicle. Then they both left the scene on foot. Witness 2 advised that he doesn’t remember correctly but he could have walked up to either an black Infinity GA AHX1845 or a Dodge Charger GA PZY5512. I went to Grady Memorial hospital to speak with victim once again. I asked her what would be the best way to contact her since her phone was taken. She advised that she can be contacted via email. I then gave victim a case number as well as instruction on how to retrieve her incident report.
All members call 911 first if you see a crime in progress or a suspicious person or activity, and then call the FBAC Phone. The phone number is (770) 310-0871 and is also on the schedule that is emailed to you monthly.

If you see someone or something suspicious please report it to the police.  When driving or out walking keep an eye out in the neighborhood, what you see and report just might prevent a crime.

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