October 3, 2016

Report for September, 2016 – Virginia-Highland Security Patrol (FBAC)

The activity report is a summary of what our FBAC Patrol Officers do on their shifts

Directed Patrols:  19
Drop ins/Park and Walks:  24
Suspicious person:  3
Alarm Response:  4
Suspicious Vehicle:  4
Parking Complaints:  9
Noise Complaints:  2
Out of town Checks:  16
Abandoned Auto:  0
FBAC member Contact:  2
Lost Person:  0
Street Obstruction:  0
Wanted Persons:  0
Intoxicated Persons:  0
Found Property:  0
Criminal Trespass:  0
Info for Officers:  2
Shots Fired:  0
Calls for service (cell Phone):  4

News and Notes

Attention: Please call 911 first for every issue you have. This includes suspicious persons or activity that you witness. By calling 911 it ensures that if FBAC officers are not on patrol, a police officer is responding to the reported activity. Call the FBAC phone after you call 911. The 911 system is set up to handle all calls through the system, both emergency and non-emergency

Significant Incidents:

Loitering or Prowling 1000 Block of Greenwood Avenue

On September 21st at approximately 2:00 am, Officer R. Whaley initiated a suspicious person stop on Greenwood Avenue. The stop was initiated because Zone 6 units were pursuing a vehicle in the area where two black male suspects had fled. The black male subject spotted in the area matched the description given for one the men being sought. The description given was a black male between the ages of late teens and mid 20s with dark colored sweat pants, a dark colored hoodie, and with his hair in a twist. When stopped he was described as being a black male with slim build, dark colored hoodie, with hair in a twist, also wearing dark colored boxers with black shoes and white soles.

When interviewed the subject was not able to provide a reason for being in the area and he did not know anyone in the area or live in the area himself. When asked how he arrived at the location he said he took the train and walked from the train station. However, he was unable to name any streets he had walked on, said the name of the station was Garnett, and claimed it was “right down the street”. Officer Whaley concluded the subject did not know the area and was unable to provide any detail of when, how, or why he was there.

The subject, Declarence McGhee was place in custody and charged with prowling and transported to Fulton County Jail. He will be further investigated as a possible suspected driver of the vehicle being pursued by Zone 6 officers in relation to multiple vehicle larceny’s throughout the city during the night and early morning.

Mr. Mcghee has a criminal history including obstruction of police, driving stolen vehicles, prowling, drugs, larceny from vehicles and pulling on doors of vehicles. He also is also currently on probation for previous offenses and has a five-point star tattoo, which resembles the symbol of the Bloods gang, on his neck.


All members call 911 first if you see a crime in progress or a suspicious person or activity, and then call the FBAC Phone. The phone number is on the schedule that is emailed to you monthly.

If you see someone or something suspicious, please report it to the police.  When driving or out walking keep an eye out in the neighborhood, what you see and report just might prevent a crime.

Note: Part one crime statistics from the Atlanta Police Department are available online and will be included in the VaHi Safety Team Reports which are distributed by Neighborhood Watch approximately twice per month through our network of street captains. If you do not know who your street captain is, please send a message to ebarrsafety@gmail.com with your name and street address, and Eleanor Barrineau will connect you.

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