April 30, 2018

Report for April 2018 - Virginia-Highland Security Patrol (aka FBAC)

April 2018
FBAC Security Patrol
                              The Activity Report is a summary of what our FBAC Patrol Officers do on their shifts
Directed Patrols:  22
Drop ins/Park and Walks:  22
Suspicious person:  2
Alarm Response:  5
Suspicious Vehicle:  1
Parking Complaints:  9
Noise Complaints:  1
Out of town Checks:  17
Abandoned Auto:  0
FBAC member Contact:  4
Lost Person:  0
Street Obstruction:  0
Wanted Persons:  0
Intoxicated Persons:  0
Found Property:  0
Criminal Trespass:  0
Info for Officers:  3
Shots Fired:  0
Calls for service (cell Phone):  3

News and Notes
Significant incidents through 4/22/2018
Robbery / Home Invasion – 1000-Block Virginia Avenue
On April 14 at approximately 3:00 AM, three residents awoke to the sound of three unknown men in their home yelling “Where’s the safe?”  The suspects were described as two Hispanic males and one black male of undetermined age.  The suspects departed having stolen a cell phone from one of the residents, and a wallet containing identification, credit cards, and approximately $500 cash.  One of the residents was able to conceal himself in a locked room and called police.  As noted in FBAC’s special update on April 15, police investigating this crime ask anyone with street-facing cameras on Virginia Avenue in the 1000-block (between Lanier and North Virginia Avenue) to check footage for vehicles passing between 2:35 – 3:05 AM on April 14.
Carjacking / Robbery – 500-Block Kanuga St
On April 19, an Uber driver in a 2009 black Nissan Altima was talking on his phone when two men approached his vehicle and pointed black handguns at him.  One suspect knocked on the window, ordered the victim to get out and asked what was in his pockets. The victim advised he had nothing in his pockets and they demanded his keys and phone. The victim was ordered to back away from the car, and the two suspects fled in his vehicle.  The victim ran after his vehicle and saw it stop in the turning lane in front of Midtown Promenade (931 Monroe Dr), flashed the lights and signal an unknown vehicle. The unknown vehicle followed behind the victim's vehicle as they traveled south on Monroe Dr.  The suspects were described as a black male, medium-brown skin complexion, early-to-mid 20s, approximately 5’8” – 5-9”, slim with a thin mustache, dark colored hoodie, hat, and black handgun, and secondly a black male of unknown age approximately 5’11” – 6’1”, slim and carrying a black handgun.  The stolen vehicle was spotted later by East Point PD in the area of Sylvan Rd and Dill Ave.  East Point police followed the vehicle until four men exited the vehicle and fled on food.  One of the suspects threw down a Glock 26 generation 4 handgun as he fled police.  The gun was later identified as having been stolen from a vehicle in September 2017.
Reminder:  All members call 911 first if you see a crime in progress or a suspicious person or activity, and then call the FBAC Phone.  

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