April 30, 2020

Report for Virginia-Highland Security Patrol for May 2020

MARCH 22, 2020 through APRIL 18, 2020
The Activity Report is a summary of what our FBAC Patrol Officers do on their shifts
Directed Patrols:  28
Drop ins/Park and Walks:  10
Suspicious person:  4
Alarm Response:  0
Suspicious Vehicle:  1
Parking Complaints: 0
Noise Complaints:  0
Out of town Checks:  1
Abandoned Auto:  0
FBAC member Contact: 2
Lost Person:  0
Street Obstruction:  0
Wanted Persons:  0
Intoxicated Persons:  0
Found Property:  0
Criminal Trespass:  0
Info for Officers:  1
Shots Fired:  0
Calls for service (cell Phone):  1

Significant Incidents:

Commercial Burglary 600 Virginia Av

On Monday, March 30, 2020, Ofc. A. Singh (unit 2601) was dispatched to 600 Virginia Ave (Extra Space Storage) for a business burglary. Upon arrival the manager stated when she was doing her daily walk through when she came into work, 89 separate storage units were burglarized. Manager stated the locks of the units were damaged and some things were taken from some of the units. Manager notified the owners of the units via phone and they were advised to check their units out and to itemize their stolen property to report to police. Extra Space Storage provided the victims with a replacement lock. Manager stated on Saturday, March 28, 2020 at 5:00pm, she rented Unit # 3018 who is the ALLEGED SUSPECT. He accessed his unit on March 29, 2020, with a Uhaul truck. Video footage shows the suspect going back and forth to the truck from 4:00pm-8:00pm. Due to COVID-19 the business did not make contact with SUSPECT the day he rented the unit. SUSPECT paid cash through the slot of the door. The video footage shows two black males on the basement floor and the main floor. Sgt. Daughtery advised this was a separate burglary for each unit. CID Inv. Sutton (5636) and Ofc. Stanio both arrived on scene and further investigated. They reviewed the video footage provided by manager. ID G. Wood (unit 7305) arrived on scene and took pictures of the damaged locks, however, due to the surface of the unit, was unable to lift prints. The employees of Extra Space Storage were advised to tell the victims to call the main precinct and report the burglary.
If you see someone or something suspicious, please report it to the police. When driving or out walking keep an eye out in the neighborhood, what you see and report just might prevent a crime.
Reminder:  All members call 911 first if you see a crime in progress or a suspicious person or activity, and then call the Virginia Highland Security Patrol Phone.  

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