July 31, 2020

Report for Virginia-Highland Security Patrol for August 2020



JUNE 21, 2020 through JULY 25, 2020

Virginia Highland Security Patrol

                  The Activity Report is a summary of what our FBAC Patrol Officers do on their shifts

Directed Patrols:  30

Drop ins/Park and Walks:  25

Suspicious person:  4

Alarm Response:  2

Suspicious Vehicle:  3

Parking Complaints: 1

Noise Complaints:  0

Out of town Checks:  11

Abandoned Auto:  0

FBAC member Contact: 3

Lost Person:  0

Street Obstruction:  0

Wanted Persons:  0

Intoxicated Persons:  0

Found Property:  0

Criminal Trespass:  0

Info for Officers:  2

Shots Fired:  0

Calls for service (cell Phone):  3




Significant Incidents:

Aggravated Assault Virginia Av/Park Dr

On June 22 police responded to a call regarding a fight.  On arrival, the victim reported that he had been assaulted the day prior near the intersection of Virginia Ave and Park Dr.  The victim reported that an unknown male struck him in the back of the head with a skateboard around 6:05 PM on June 21.  The victim further reported that he had to receive treatment at a hospital and received six staples, though officers were unable to observe the injury.  Officers inquired why the victim did not call the police immediately when the incident happened.  The victim reported that he did call 911 while driving away from the scene but did not stay to meet police.  The victim further advised that his girlfriend tried to independently make a report later that evening but the report could not be taken without the victim present.

The victim reported that he was driving on Virginia Ave near Park Dr when he came upon a large group of people on skateboards blocking the roadway.  The victim said he drove around the group which apparently upset one of the males in the group, who then hit the victim’s car window with a skateboard.  The victim reported that he stopped his car, though it had not suffered any damage.  When he got out of his vehicle, he was hit in the back of the head with a skateboard by an unknown male.

The victim advised that he had video footage of the incident that he found on an Instagram account, though it was not clear how this was located.  The victim told officers that the video had since been deleted, but he had saved it on his cellphone and he played it for officers.

The video starts with a large crowd of people that did not appear to be in a roadway. The video then skips as if something was cut or missing from it and shows the victim standing outside his vehicle by the driver side door, facing a group of white males.  The victim appeared to be engaged in a verbal dispute with the males, but there is no audio.  The victim reported that he was initially kicked in his genital area by one of the males, but there were several people blocking the view so it was impossible to see this on the video.  The video then shows the victim punching in the air towards one of the males, apparently in response to the kick.  One of the males with a skateboard then lunges at the victim but does not make physical contact.  The victim is then seen charging at another male, after which he is struck in the back of the head by a skateboard wielded by a white male in a light-colored shirt.  The victim appears to grab a skateboard from the ground and walk back toward his vehicle, at which point the video ends.

The video did not show the start of the incident before the victim exited his vehicle to confront the crowd of males with skateboards, and the victim could not explain the missing parts of the video so it was difficult to understand what transpired in the missing footage.

The responding officer contacted Zone 6 investigators who advised the victim that he should visit the Zone 6 precinct to make a statement and complete an information report.  The officer also asked dispatch to check 911 call logs for the time the incident occurred.  Dispatch found a pedestrian struck by vehicle call and two calls for gun shots in the area.  Police asked the victim if he owned a gun, which the victim confirmed and acknowledged he had a carry permit and had the gun with him the day of the incident.  The victim then admitted that he "brandished" the gun but did not fire it.  The victim was asked why he omitted this information, which he blamed on being “foggy” from the staples in his head.  The victim then became increasingly uncooperative and refused to answer any further questions.  After further attempt at conversation, the victim became verbally combative and told me to leave.


Commercial Burglary 752 Highland Av

On July 23, at approximately 6:13 AM, police responded to a commercial burglary call from an employee of Neighbor’s bar.  The employee had arrived at the business around 6:00 AM and discovered that the left glass door was broken out of the north facing building at the corner of St Charles Ave NE and N Highland Ave NE.  Two security cameras captured footage of two figures approaching the bar between 4:00 am and 4:12 am. The camera showed a possible light skinned black male enter the business and make his way around the bar. The suspect was dressed in a black or dark button front short sleeved shirt and short pants, and had a full short Afro-styled haircut and a “five o’clock shadow” facial hair.

The suspected entered the business carrying a paper shopping bag that he set down after pulling a bottle of alcohol from the top shelf.  The suspect passed multiple bottles of wine and spirits to his partner, suspect #2 - a skinny white or even lighter skinned male also with a shopping bag. The second suspect appeared to have on a white tee shirt with a long-sleeved shirt tied about his waist and a light-colored ball cap.

The reporting employee stated that approximately six bottles were stolen that retailed for $300 dollars in loss.  The video of the incident was shared with Zone 6 investigators.  No suspects at this time.


If you see someone or something suspicious, please report it to the police.  When driving or out walking keep an eye out in the neighborhood, what you see and report just might prevent a crime.


Reminder:  All members call 911 first if you see a crime in progress or a suspicious person or activity, and then call the Virginia Highland Security Patrol Phone.  The phone number is 770-310-0871. 

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