March 31, 2021

Report for the Virginia-Highland Security Patrol for April 2021


FEBRUARY 22, 2021 through MARCH 21, 2021

Virginia Highland Security Patrol

The Activity Report is a summary of what our FBAC Patrol Officers do on their shifts.

News and Notes


Aggravated Assault 1000-Block Greenwood Ave (Arrest Made)


On Sunday, March 7, police were dispatched following a report of an altercation involving a firearm.  According to the initial report, a white male, wearing a plaid shirt, threw a brick through the window of a silver Ford Mustang; the owner of the Mustang was armed with a firearm.

Upon arrival, the officer observed a white male, later identified as Arrestee 1, handcuffed and sitting on the sidewalk.  An officer from Atlanta Metropolitan State College Police Department was standing with a Mini Draco AK Pistol in his hands.  A black male, late identified as Arrestee 2, was standing near the silver Ford Mustang.  

Arrestee 1 stated that he came out to the parking lot of 810 N. Highland and saw parking boots on his vehicle.  Arrestee 1 stated that Arrestee 2 was alleging to be the “boot man” and would take the parking boots off the vehicle for $75.00.  The two parties then argued over the price and Arrestee 2 walked away toward Greenwood Ave. Arrestee 1 stated he became upset and threw a brick at the Mustang’s windshield out of frustration. Arrestee 1 went on to state that Arrestee 2 went into his vehicle, pulled out a “big gun” and pointed it at Arrestee 1, threatening to kill him.

Police spoke separately to Arrestee 2 who stated that he parked his vehicle and was approached by Arrestee 1, who was agitated, and yelling for Arrestee 2 to take the parking boot off the vehicle. Arrestee 2 stated that he told Arrestee 1 several times that he was not the “boot man.” Arrestee 2 said Arrestee 1 continued to yell at him about the parking boot, so he walked away toward Greenwood Ave.  He later walked back to his vehicle and watched as Arrestee 1 threw a brick at the Mustang.  Arrestee 2 stated that he went to his car and pulled out his weapon because Arrestee 1 yelled that he would kill Arrestee 2.


Police also interviewed a homeless male who witnessed the incident, but this individual made conflicting statements when speaking to two different officers, so his account was inconclusive.

Due to Fulton County Jail not accepting misdemeanor charges, Arrestee 1 was released on a copy of charges for criminal trespass.

Arrestee 2 was charged with aggravated assault and housed at Fulton County Jail. The firearm was seized and placed into evidence.

Commercial Burglary - 752 N. Highland Ave (Arrest Made)


On March 13 at approximately 7:57 AM, police were dispatched to Neighbors Bar concerning a burglary to the business.  The victim stated that her security system alerted her of movement inside the business around 7:30 AM.  The victim and her husband arrived at the bar around 7:45 AM and discovered that the last set of glass doors on the right of the north-facing building closest to N. Highland Ave was unlocked.  The victim stated that she believed an employee may have forgotten to lock the doors.  The victim advised that she viewed the security footage when she received the alarm and observed a black mail with a black skull cap, long dark overcoat, gloves, and black backpack come into the business and take bottles of alcohol from behind the bar.  The victim also stated that she rewound the footage to see which of her employees left the door open and witnessed a male suspect walking with a limp in and out of the business throughout the evening and early morning.  Each time he returned he entered through the same door and took bottles of liquor in various bags.  He also changed clothes at least once overnight as he repeatedly entered the business.

The victim stated that the suspect took $500 hundred dollars’ worth of alcohol, as well as a rolling black suitcase stolen from the business and used to transport the stolen bottles.  Additionally, the suspect stole a black backpack with musical equipment valued at approximately $1200.

Police reviewed the security footage and recognized the suspect a local homeless man, Jonathan Huff aka “Bam” or “Bama,” judging from his appearance and distinct walk or limp.  The suspect is a repeat offender who has previously been charged with criminal trespass.  Police canvassed the area and located Mr. Huff walking in the courtyard of the condos behind Neighbors Bar.  Mr. Huff dropped a shopping bag and long black overcoat when he spotted police.  Police spoke with Mr. Huff and transported him back to the bar, where he was positively identified by the business owners and comparison to the video footage.  The black backpack was recovered with contents intact and identified by the victim.  Mr. Huff was placed under arrest for the charge of burglary to a business and transported to Fulton County Jail.

Residential Burglary – 1000-Block Saint Louis Place

The victim in this case advised someone came through her rear kitchen window, took her brown Michael Kors purse and computer that was on the kitchen counter and left out the back door. There are no cameras in the house and no alarms. Victim didn't want any prints lifted because of the mess it will make on her windows.  A credit card from the stolen purse was used to make two purchases at the gas station at 1161 Ponce De Leon Ave and at the Kroger at 725 Ponce De Leon Ave.

Residential Burglary – 700-Block Greenwood Ave


On March 11, police responded to a residential burglary call in the 700-Block of Greenwood Ave.  The victim stated she had been moving her belongings out of the location as she was moving to Savannah, Georgia.  The victim advised she left the location around 5:00 PM and when she returned around 6:30 PM, she noticed that her front door was kicked in and the door was completely off the hinges.  The victim stated that her PS4 game system and her Glock 19 9mm pistol was stolen, however she did not have the serial number or receipt for either item, so the pistol could not be put into the system as stolen.

Theft from Automobile – 1000-Block Saint Charles Ave (Arrest Made)


On March 22, a patrol officer recognized an individual who had been caught on camera entering a motor vehicle the night prior.  Police stopped the suspect, Alfonza Phillips.  After running check on his name, police discovered that Mr. Phillips was also wanted for burglary.  Police informed Mr. Phillips that they needed to speak with him about a saxophone stolen from a BMW X3 on Saint Charles Ave.  Mr. Phillips stated that he did not have the saxophone but knew who did.  Mr. Phillips was transported to the Zone 6 precinct, where he was read his Miranda rights.  Mr. Phillips declined legal counsel and spoke with an investigator.

Investigators showed Mr. Philips the video footage of what they believed to be him entering the vehicle around 3:00 AM on March 21.  Mr. Phillips denied that he was pictured in the video and said that the suspect in the video was a guy named “Bama,” who was later identified as Jonathan Huff.  According to Mr. Phillips, Mr. Huff had stolen the saxophone, but then Mr. Phillips had helped him sell it to “a guy named Paul for twenty bucks.”  Mr. Phillips advised police of the location where Mr. Huff lived.  Police went to that location and asked to speak with Mr. Huff, eventually placing him under arrest and transporting him to Zone 6.  Mr. Huff too declined to have an attorney present and spoke with an investigator.  Mr. Huff was shown the same footage of the suspect entering the vehicle, and he said that the video showed Mr. Phillips, whom he called “Cutty.”  Mr. Huff stated that Mr. Phillips sold the stolen saxophone to a guy named “Tarzan Tucker” earlier that day, and he further provided police with the location where Mr. Tucker lived.  Mr. Huff was released from custody and police drove to question Mr. Tucker.

When police arrived at Mr. Tucker’s residence, he invited them inside and agreed to speak with the officers without an attorney.  Mr. Tucker confirmed that Mr. Phillips was the person who sold him the saxophone for $40 and did not include Mr. Huff in the story of the transaction.  Mr. Tucker returned the saxophone to police and was given a copy of charges for possession of stolen property.  Officers returned to the Zone 6 precinct and charged Mr. Phillips with Entering Auto.  He was transported to the Fulton County Jail, and officers then returned the saxophone to the victim.

If you see someone or something suspicious, please report it to the police.  When driving or out walking keep an eye out in the neighborhood, what you see and report just might prevent a crime.

Reminder:  All members call 911 first if you see a crime in progress or a suspicious person or activity, and then call the Virginia Highland Security Patrol Phone. 

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